Work At Home Mom Success In Six Simple Steps

Tamyka Washington - Work At Home Mom of SevenWhat’s the one question a work at home mom wants to know from me?

“How do you manage being a work at home mom with seven kids?”

The answer is really simple…I just do it! Of course, that is not what people really want to hear…they want to know exactly what it is I do.

I have a BIG reason why I do what I do. It is the main reason I made the decision to truly pursue entrepreneurship back in June 2002.

That fact is, I’m a REAL mom and my reason WHY is my 7 children! I can’t see myself being anything other than a full-time mom to them.

The strength of my desire to work at home, keeps me motivated and determined to stay focused on growing my business each day.

Of course, just like with anything meaningful in your life, you have to be committed and exercise discipline to be successful. In this post, I want to share with you…

6 Steps to Being a Successful Work at Home Mom

1. Make a decision – It sounds easy enough but making a decision to be a successful work at home mom requires you to take everything into account and be serious about your decision.

Are you willing to put in the effort it will take to grow a business?

Are you willing to learn and do each step to achieve your goals?

Is it a business that you can primarily manage and run from home?

2. Set your goals – In order to achieve financial independence working from home, you’ve got to be clear about how you will do it. Determine how long it will take to reach your income goal, how many hours you need to work each week and each day.

Your goals should be attainable and have deadlines. Be willing to commit to your goals and take action each day until you complete them.

3. Create a plan – In business, especially running a business from home, requires a plan of action so you know what to do and how to do it. There are many aspects to starting and growing a business. Though you don’t need all the answers when you get started, you do need to know enough to get setup and going.

As a busy mom, being able to have a business I could work primarily online was a high priority. So, learning how to blog for business was key to generating new leads, growing my audience and building my business online almost completely on auto-pilot.

4. Take action – I see many women and mom entrepreneurs struggle with taking action. It’s okay to plan and want to learn the ins and outs of your business and marketing. BUT, it’s more important to take action immediately. Why? Because you want to start generating a profit as soon as possible…right?

You don’t have to know all the facts…you will learn as you go. Get a basic understanding of what you are to do to make money and then GO FOR IT!

5. Leverage your efforts – If you have a direct sales or network marketing business, you can leverage your time and earn residual income more quickly when you build a team. Even if you have a more traditional business as a small business owner or freelancer, you can outsource tasks, hire a virtual assistant or a team to help you with your projects.

One of the benefits of working for yourself is being able to create freedom at home and having more time to do the things you truly enjoy while making great money!

6. Be consistent – If you want to build a rewarding home based business, being consistent is the only way to go. It can take months or even years to earn an a lucrative income, but it is possible when you are working your business daily.

You can’t work one week then take a break for 2 weeks and expect to grow. If you want a consistent income, you’ve got to give a consistent effort.

Staying motivated as a work at home mom…

It’s easy when you are focused on your reason WHY. My kids are my world. I am who I am today because of them. I could have easily said I CAN’T because I have kids…but they are why I CAN and DO.

Though my success may not look like yours and we may not even have the same desire or goals, but what I do know is that being able to work at home is what allows us to create a stable financial future and live the life we desire…the kind we truly deserve.

Will you be a work at home mom success? Well, the choice is yours! All you have to do is DECIDE that you WILL be successful, and than DO IT!

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