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About Me

I am a mom of seven, Home Based Business Mentor and Consultant. I help aspiring women entrepreneurs navigate the online business space and create income at home.

After losing myself in an unhealthy 20+ year marriage, I learned how to regain the courage and grew the confidence to take back my sanity and build a life and business that I love…and that’s what I want to help other women and moms do, too.

Behind the scenes, I am the definition of introvert, a full-time homeschooling mom who loves playing Sims and has a passion for holistic health and wellness.


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What people say?

Ms. Tamyka is 100% genuine and awesome! She has coached me across (not off) the ledge on more than one occasion. She is on the cutting edge of what you need as a women business owner to move forward in your business and succeed. The information flows from her so smoothly and with great confidence that it is hard to notice that you are seeking help or being given coaching information. It seems like 2 old friends sitting down to chat. She is one in a million! Try her for yourself!
Shayla Smart
The Mom Genius
One of the things I love the most in working with Tamyka is that she is patient and really knows her craft and yet she doesn’t lord it over your head; she is very down to earth but she also is no nonsense! She teaches you the correct things to do without all the fluffy nonsense that so many so-called “gurus” do! She is a person of strong integrity and has a strong work ethic.
Yvonne Carson
E M S Coach To Women
Tamyka Washington is a dynamic mentor who encourages you to put the core of who you are into your business model. She has assisted me in truly tapping into my passion and kicking my business into high gear. I was in a place where I needed an extra nudge and also assistance with clarifying my vision, Tamyka was able to help me in those areas. I wholeheartedly recommended entrepreneurs to work with Tamyka. She helped me to refine and walk into my niche. I know that she will do the same for you.
Stevii Mills
Just Stevii

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