Mar 202014

stressed out woman at laptopDo you know the people who you are attracting into your business?

Even more so, do you know WHY you are attracting those individuals?

Let’s have a real talk for a moment, shall we?

If you are in business – whether in network marketing, internet marketing, coaching, consulting, freelancing, whatever it is you do…you have to somehow get people to know who you are and see what you do.

Most people believe, getting their ‘face’ in front of everybody is the way to go!

I beg to differ…and here is why…

Feb 282014

Every Swipe Counts | Susan G. Komen for the Cure®

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Feb 202014

Make Money OnlineThe Internet can appear to be a FRAUD.

Day after day, all you see are tons of ads. All over Facebook, all over Google, on Instagram, everywhere. Promising you can make thousands in cash flow, even residual income following a system. And, I agree…you do need a system in place.

The thing is, lots of people are claiming you don’t have to do any work. Apparently, you can do absolutely nothing and make a ton of money on the internet…how cool is that!?!

How often have you heard or saw, these kinds of claims?

NO selling, and still makes sales.

NO recruiting, and still make sales.

NO talking to people, and still make sales.

Feb 052014

One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers face is learning how to get more traffic to their blogs. We all know that we need traffic to grow our business, build our customer base and increase sales.

With so many different methods and strategies being taught online, it can difficult using one or two strategies that will work for you. Fortunately, my good marketing friend, Lynn Brown and I, held a Google Hangout on this very topic!

We discussed the Top 10 Hot Tips To Getting More Traffic! You can watch the recording below, or here:


Get Access to the Additional Resources:
Instagram Leads
Traffic Exchange
Viral Blogging System


Jan 202014


blog for profit - Tamyka WashingtonEver wonder how you can build a business online and blog for profit?

Do you often wonder what it takes to get people to pay attention to what you have to say?

Have you been trying to figure out how to create a brand for yourself and grow your business?

If you are thinking about how you can make money blogging or, how to start or grow a business and blog for profit, you’ll definitely enjoy this episode.

About the Show

The Marketing Her Way podcast is a bi-weekly show, hosted by Tamyka Washington. It was created for aspiring women and mom entrepreneurs and designed to help them discover how to become savvy women in business and learn how to use online marketing to get results.

Jan 042014

Mobile Marketing Solutions - Tamyka WashingtonFor a small business owner, increasing sales is a top priority. Have you eve wondered how you can connect with your customers, prospects or team when your target audience is on the go?

Mobile Marketing is a proven and effective way to communicate to your customers (and potential customers). That’s because 97% of people read their text messages – immediately. Not later or tomorrow or next week…within minutes.

How can Mobile/Text Marketing Benefit Your Business?

Your most valuable asset is your client and customer database. Using a mobile marketing service like TextAlertz, allows you to not only grow that list, but also enhance your relationship with everyone on it.

Dec 162013

Dear Aspiring Women & Mom Entrepreneurs…

The Story of My Life - Marketing Her Way, Tamyka WashingtonI hear ALL the time, “you should write a book about your journey.” Folks want to know how I got started working from home and how I work from home while being a wife and mom to seven kids.

Believe me, I could very well right a book. I’ve been through a lot in my life and had to overcome even more.

I’ve thought about writing a book. Sharing my past, how my upbringing inspired my life choices and decisions. What made me become a complete outcast and “black sheep” of my family for choosing to ignore and dismiss the life they had planned for me.

Dec 132013

Setting Goals with IntentionThe last month of the year is a time many entrepreneurs and small business owners look over their accomplishments, and reflect upon their business, good and bad.

It’s also a time when we begin to dream bigger, and envision a higher level of success. We set goals for the new year and get our newly designed plans in place.

Though we have these plans and goals, sadly, some of us won’t achieve them and will find ourselves in the exact same situation we were in, last year.

Have you ever fallen short when it comes to reaching a goal?

We all have.

Looking back over my business, I can say that those times I “missed the mark”, are the times my goals weren’t backed with a solid intention.

Dec 052013

Simon Sinek - Why How What - Marketing Her WayDo you have a small business online but can’t seem to get anyone to buy from you?

Are you using social media to market and advertise, but still…no one notices?

Have you just about given up because you don’t know what to do?

Fear not…the majority of entrepreneurs face the same issues along their journey.

The fact of the matter is, people are no longer oblivious to the obvious. Just like a business owner, a consumer has access to the internet and can find the information they are searching for before they buy any product or service.

They can do their research, compare you, your prices, products and services with someone offering similar services. They are more equipped in the decision making and highly informed prior to coming to you.

Dec 022013

How Much Do You Charge? - Marketing Her WayWhen you sell products or services, one of the first questions a prospective client asks is, “how much do you charge?”

I know a lot of small business owners and freelancers, have a set fee or charge by the hour. Which is absolutely fine, if you’re into trading you precious hours for dollars. Of course, if you are just getting started and want to build your portfolio or need some cash, taking hourly jobs makes sense.

But as your business grows, you will realize how quickly that business model won’t work.

There are only so many hours in a day that you are able to do work. Eventually, you may have to start turning clients away because you just don’t have the time.