Why Most People Quit Network Marketing

Why Most People Quit Network MarketingHave you ever sponsored a brand new person in your network marketing business and you just knew they would do well?

Then, maybe a month or two later…they quit.

It’s probably happened more times than you’d care to think about. If it hasn’t yet, don’t worry. It will.

It starts to make you wonder…

Why Do Most People Quit Network Marketing?

Is it you?

Are you a bad mentor?

Of course not.

Although you may believe network marketing is a great way to create a better quality of life, it’s not always easy to help your new team members, understand that same potential for themselves.

No matter how true it is.

People quit for various reasons…

  • They lack the motivation
  • They lose interest
  • They thought it would be “easy”
  • They aren’t making money
  • They didn’t receive the proper training
  • They let someone talk them out of it
  • They jumped to a “new” deal
  • They got scared
  • They don’t put in the effort
  • They don’t have enough time
  • They don’t have money to stay active

This list could go on…

And even though these are the biggest excuses given for why people quit network marketing, in my opinion, these aren’t the real reason.

Network Marketing Meets a Need

I believe that people give up because they never had a genuine need to start a home based business in the first place. People get “turned on” by the big oversized checks with all the zeros, flashy cars and new homes, and the many rags to riches stories they see on the internet.

So, they start to think network marketing is their lottery ticket to get rich quick.

Most people are money motivated.

They want more money to do and buy more things.

But they don’t necessarily have a NEED, they have WANTS.

Network marketing is a business that requires a passion and dedication to achieve a desired result (greater than money). Those who do NOT quit and become successful are usually those who have a strong WHY. Their reason is heart-centered instead of money focused.

  • A single mom who needs to provide shelter, food and clothing for her children.
  • An individual who wants to take care of an aging parent.
  • An entrepreneur who wants to start a non-profit to support a worthy cause.
  • A family who wants to give their children a better education.
  • A hard-working young adult with no family or financial support.
  • An individual unable to work due to chronic health problems.
  • A baby boomer who wants to be able to travel the world after retirement.

These are the type of people who stick and stay because they have a NEED to make the business work. These are the type of people who do the required activities because there is nothing else to fall back on.

For most, it’s not about creating an additional income stream…this is the income stream.

Help People Fulfill Their Personal Need

There is a good reason why you want to “interview” people before enrolling them in your business. Get on the phone with them, talk to them in person if possible and see where they are mentally. Be sure they understand all that a network marketing business involves.

Don’t be afraid to ask them questions such as; what made you want to start a home based business, how many hours per day/week are you willing to work to build your business, how much money do you want to earn each month, are you willing to commit at least 12 months, etc.

You want to discover their primary reason for searching for an opportunity. Then you are in a position to better assist them achieve it.

The truth of the matter is, each and every home based business owner could use the same excuses above, and blame it on one of the many life challenges we all face. But they don’t. The reason is, having a need is simply that much stronger and deeper, than doing it for a want.

Your goal is to connect with those people.

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