How To Know If You Are Unemployable

Are you unemployable?WARNING: This post is not for everyone. So, if you are closed minded, limited in your thinking, and don’t get why someone would want to relinquish their “security” in a regular job, I invite you to click away now…

I’m sharing my beliefs and thoughts on when a job is not an option for those of us with the entrepreneurial spirit.

I can tell you, I’ve had numerous JOBS and could never stay put in one for very long (the longest was a miserable 6 months). I did everything from being an in-home daycare provider, nursing assistant/home health care, to working in retail, housekeeping, administrative assistant, and customer service.

At each job, I felt like I was wasting my time and my life. I hated every waking minute of it. I was away from my kids and would always give 110% because I take pride in everything I do. The problem was, my paychecks wouldn’t match my efforts which made me feel less than my worth.

So, I would end up doing the bare minimum. Until I just couldn’t take it anymore…and quit.

You see, I knew that I was not cut out for a regular job. I never bought into society’s way of living. I wasn’t built to waste away…going to work and leaving me with no time to live my life. I wasn’t going to settle and bury my passion just to struggle on punk change just because that’s what your “suppose” to do.

I mean, if I’m going to struggle…might as well make it worth it by doing something I’d rather be doing..right? Makes sense to me!

Maybe it’s just me, but my mind doesn’t operate like that of an average person. I look around and see fake people…people who pretend they like their jobs but only work because they have to pay their bills.

If they had a chance to HAVE money…they would quit that job they “love so much” in a heartbeat. These are people who are unhappy, call out sick to steal a day off, and have fooled themselves into believing THIS IS LIFE.

BAH HUMBUG…you can fall for that nonsense if you want too.

How Do You Know If You Are Unemployable?

I hate my job - How to know if you are unemployableWhen the mere thought of it makes you want to cry, lie or die just to get out of it…I’m not even being funny…you may be unemployable. I remember almost every Sunday, I would try to conjure up a story for why I couldn’t go in…I was acting so out of character because of how knowing I had to go, would sicken me.

When people call you lazy or crazy…you may be unemployable. You know you’re not lazy. I know you’re not lazy. I call it determination. When people see you glued to a computer all day, they think you are “playing”, wasting time or fooling yourself for thinking you can “make money doing that”. ME…I was studying, learning, planning and implementing my next move.

When you have the guts to risk it all…you may be unemployable. Though you may not be as risky as I was, but I rolled up in HR one day, handed over my badge and said PEACE. I couldn’t take another second of being tied to that cubicle, or having to beg to leave to pick up a sick kid from school. I was done letting my priorities become someone else’s.

When you could care less about what people say or think about you…you may be unemployable. I mean you don’t care about what your mother, father, sister, brother, best friend, stranger…whoever’s opinion is, of you. You realize this is YOUR life and YOU are the one who has to live it. You are free to do what you want…so screw them…seriously!

When you don’t know HOW but you don’t care because it’s too darn exciting…you may be unemployable. Oh, how I love the entrepreneurial spirit! It’s refreshed every single day. I can be my creative self, I can do what I want to do to make my dreams come true. I’m free to be me…the human I was born to be! No restrictions. No limits. I am free…and I love it!

I could go on forever about being unemployable, but you can come up with your own…this was just meant to get you thinking.

So, who are you?

Are you an employee or an entrepreneur?

If you are still reading this…you already know the answer. You just have to choose to live your life. OWN IT!

You see, I believe I can…so I do. I’m not worried about the HOW because I only focus on the WHY!

Believe in yourself and what you can do…I believe in you!

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