What Makes You Stand Out From The Crowd

Stand Out From The CrowdNowadays, many entrepreneurs turn to the internet, with the intent on building their business and brand. But soon after, find the entire process to be quite overwhelming.

If you are ready to expand your business beyond your own backyard, and dive into the online world, you must learn how to stand out from the crowd.

Your first step is to define, what makes you different from everyone else.

That’s the easy part…the one thing that makes you different is the fact that you are…YOU!

Aside from just being your true self, their are a few simple things you can do, to start capturing the attention of potential customers and business prospects.

In this blog post, I will share with you what they are…

How Entrepreneurs Stand Out From The Crowd

Now, if you’ve been online for any length of time, you’ve probably heard that the easiest way to attract people to you, is by giving value.

I know, I know…you probably just rolled your eyes like I do every time I hear that phrase because it sounds so cliche. But the reason it is mentioned so often is simply because, it’s true.

Almost every internet marketer will tell you that if you want to build your business online, and get people interested in your business, you’ve gotta give value.

So, now you’re wondering…what does that mean really, how do I give value?

Value Based Marketing

I look at it like this. As an entrepreneur, I want to connect with people who share similar beliefs as me. People who see the value in things I see value in. Those are the kinds of people I like to work with, and do business with.

So, in order to “attract” those types of people, I don’t have to do anything other than be myself. I can use social networks like Facebook to share my thoughts, ideas and beliefs, and at the same time, connect with those who share my same way of thinking.

Easy right?

Just Be Yourself

You see, to build a presence online doesn’t mean you have to be somebody you are not. In fact, giving value is so much easier when you come from a place that resonates with who you already are.

This blog is one of my ways of giving value. The topics that I write about are all things that I enjoy learning and sharing with my readers, and other like-minded individuals such as yourself!

Do other people share the same type of information I do?


But can they deliver the same way I can?

Absolutely NOT.

So, first things first…capitalizing on who you are is the best way for you to stand out from the crowd, because there is no one who can deliver exactly like you.

Connect And Build Relationships

We are no longer in an era where a persons demographics are that important, as it relates to selling. When we talk about giving value in the marketplace, what we are doing is creating more of an emotional connection with the values of our audience, in a way that will eventually, motivate and inspire them to take action.

It is no longer about simply making a transaction. It is about building relationships and connecting on more of an emotional level, in order to meet a specific need. Today, consumers want to feel connected to what you stand for, more so than what you sell.

If you intend to build your business online, Facebook is a solid way to start establishing new relationships with individuals around the world. Use groups to get acquainted with your market and begin to engage them in conversation.

The age old adage will always remain true – business is built on relationships, and people do business with those they know, like and trust.

It’s not difficult to establish a level of social influence when you keep your focus on being genuinely interested in other people.

Build Your Platform

Okay, that may sound a little scary…but your platform is simply the space you designate online, for where you make the greatest impact, and connection with your audience. Starting a blog is a highly effective way to create a sense of community because it’s built around your topic of interest and expertise.

You may wonder why you can’t just use Facebook.

Though Facebook is a powerful tool to connect with people, it is a platform that you do not own or can control. However, when you see it for what it truly is, a way to attract and connect with people…you are able to take those relationships to the next level, and inviting them into your space.

That’s why I strongly encourage you create a blog for business, even if you are just getting started. Having your own platform gives you the ability to strengthen the relationships you have built using social networks, by having a way to give greater value through content.

It is your intellectual piece of real estate on the internet. The place for you to share tips, strategies, resources, tools and information, that will further benefit your audience. It is how you form the know, like and trust factor.

Do You Stand Out From The Crowd?

If not, you have to ask yourself what it is that is holding you back. Is it because you are afraid to put yourself out there? Are you not clear on what you should share? Do you not know how to get started?

Or, are you already online, but getting to the point where you want to just throw in the towel because you are sick of struggling?


Then I would love to welcome you into the Life Freedom Lifestyle Community! It’s a group for Home and Internet Based Women Entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter what business you have, or what company you are with. What matters is, you are someone who wants to start getting results in their business, and do it using the power of the internet.

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  1. So many valuable points Tamyka! I too want to start a blog however feel the time it will take to contribute to it. What are your suggestions?

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Even if you commit to post once a week to start, you can market those posts over and over. Blogging is a part of your overall marketing strategy that can continue to build your brand, and generate leads long after an article is written.

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