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Message For You…

Women are naturally gifted with so many amazingly powerful attributes. We are giving, nurturing, strong, and compassionate, amongst so many other things. Along with being wives, mothers, sisters, and friends…many of us are aspiring entrepreneurs.

Women have an untaught ability to birth life…not only in the physical sense, but deep down, through our soul. We have great passions, enormous vision, a profound purpose, and an unquenchable desire to inspire the lives of others in a major way, using our gifts.

Over time through our various roles, and busy lives, many of us have become unaware of the identity transfer that has taken place. We adopt a new role and become consumed with being what we do, instead of being who we truly are. As each moment slips away, a little bit of us, falls away as well.

As the amazingly intuitive beings we are, we must relearn how to become in tuned with our inner selves. We have to be aware of when this shift begins to happen, so we can identify what must be done to correct it and put a stop to it once and for all.

My sister, you have a purposed life you are destined to live. You are here, at this very moment, because it is your designated time to rediscover who you truly are. It is time for you to really tap into your God given gifts and gain the courage to step boldly into your greatness, so your passion finds purpose!