What Do You Bring to the Table?

Bring to the Table

When I first started my business, one question I asked myself was, “what do you bring to the table?”

I was really nervous about putting myself out there because in my mind, I was a nobody. I didn’t have any kind of following, I didn’t have a name or brand for myself, heck…I didn’t even have a Facebook account.

It felt kind of intimidating, but I knew that in order to build my business online, I had to start somewhere. For me, that meant being clear about knowing what I bring to the table.

It’s All About Giving Value

How often do you hear the phrase, you have to give value?

You may wonder what that really means, especially for someone who is ‘new’ to building a business online. Well, when I was starting out, I knew I had to show people I knew something.

Obviously as an aspiring business owner, we need people to take notice of us because ultimately, we want to grow a profitable business. In order to do that, we need customers…right?

Therefore, I figured it was important to display in the marketplace, what I was going to bring to the table. My desire was to show other women and moms how to grow a business online.

So, I created a blog and began sharing value – the information I knew (based on what I was learning and implementing) on the topics that would attract the attention of the women and moms I wanted to serve!

At that time, MySpace was almost like what Facebook is today…so, that’s where I shared my content and connected with other women and moms. I was also a part of various social communities on the Ning network where I posted and networked regularly, too.

Identify & Stay Focused On What You Bring to the Table

You see, what I believe contributed to the continuous growth of my business, even when I made shifts and changes in the way I did things through the years, what remained consistent was the fact that I always knew what I bring to the table.

I stayed focused on delivering value, on the topics related to my one message. Since 2009, starting from nothing, I’ve been creating value for my audience.

The beautiful thing is, we all have something to share!

You have life experiences, you have passions, you have something to offer that can improve someone else’s life! You have to believe that.

If you are feeling lost or confused, I encourage you to put on your blinders, put your head down, and identify what do you bring to the table.

Whatever you come up with is what you deliver to the world!

Feel free to share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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