Mindset: Conquer the Battle to Win

Brian Fanale - MindsetAbout last night…

I had the privilege of being on a webinar with Brian Fanale, Co-Founder of MLSP, as he shared his secrets to making real lasting change in life and business.

Nowadays, everyone online is some type of coach, expert, or leader. I’m not the type to hop on anyone’s bandwagon. Therefore, I’m very selective about who, and what type of information I allow into my head space.

The information I heard last night, really blew my mind. Only because, it was more about truly getting to your core beliefs as an individual, and how mastering your mindset is really the key to success.

A lot of times when you get on webinars with six and seven figure income earners, you can expect to learn more about the strategies and techniques they use to grow their empires.

So, it is rare (and refreshing), to hear what this once broke musician did, to build just one of his businesses to $28million…without sharing a single business tactic.

It Is All About Mindset, Thoughts & Energy

I often wonder how people who are failing in their businesses, haven’t figured out that the solution to change, resides in their thoughts. That you can’t keep doing (or not doing), the same things, and expect a different outcome.

That’s just crazy.

I also know that many entrepreneurs don’t really understand that mastering your mindset, is far more important than mastering any skillset. Think about it…what good are learned skills if you don’t have the mental capacity to apply them?

You get no where.

So, what are the actual steps and practices Brian shared that made such an impact?

There was so much great wisdom and value shared, but here are just a few of the takeaways I want to share with you…

Constant Focus, Mental Rehearsal & Mediation, and Goal-Setting

Focus is so essential to our personal and physical growth. Taking time each day to just be quiet (meditate), and center our thoughts on what life looks like, as we desire it to be, is what helps us to align our goals with action.

Brian says…

  • Create the future in advance with the goal. (body & mind can’t tell the difference.)
  • Make your thoughts become more real than circumstances.
  • Become a different person – physically, mentally, emotionally
  • You have to take the action.
  • Feel the “event” first (be at the frequency first), then you attract it and have it. Body & brain needs to be ahead of the event.

In other words, your thoughts create the beliefs, your beliefs create the action, and the action creates the results. It all starts in your mind, though.

4 Steps to Making Things Happen

Write down a 90 day goal…on paper.

Step 1 – What Do You Want?

  • By (date), I am a… (ex: $5000/month earner)

Step 2 – WHY do you want it? << the fuel!

  • Because this will allow me to… (ex: be financially free and spend more time with family.)

Step 3 – Who must you become in order to reach this goal?

  • I must become a…(ex. determined, dedicated, and consistent entrepreneur)

Step 4 – How could you get it?

  • I must be consistent with…(ex: creating content daily, connecting with 5 people daily, etc.)

A few other great tips…

Why most people fail? They don’t do this consistently, they don’t truly believe, they let their circumstances, past and BS stories crush them.

The SECRET? Becoming conscious is the first step! Be greater than the past and present circumstance. Catch the thoughts, behaviors, and people that trigger these emotions as they happen. What is it costing you to keep feeling this way? Know that you are NOT your beliefs, thoughts or values, even your body.

Take personal responsibility for where you are now.

I remember being a stubborn entrepreneur early in my career. To me, mindset and personal development was all a waste of time. I just needed the steps, the ‘know-how’ to be successful…(so I thought).

It wasn’t until I got tired of churning my wheels and wondering why I wasn’t getting results, or making the kind of money I wanted to, that I began to realize I had it backwards. 

My thoughts and energy were so busy being focused on the wrong things.

“Oh my god…I need money to pay xyz bill next week…”

“Ugh, I don’t know how to do this…”

“I’m never gonna make enough money…”

Guess what?

Those negative thought patterns and beliefs were the exact causes of my lack of results. If you have been struggling in your business, I encourage you to not brush off the power of your thinking as some type of time wasting, bull crap because you don’t fully understand it yet.

Instead, take a chance and start becoming aware of how you feel, how you think, and how you react to certain situations that arise in your business. You’d be surprised at how beneficial just taking notice can be.

“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.” ~ Soren Kierkegaard


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  1. Love how you shared so simply what we must do to be a successful person. Believe, set goal, take consistent action.

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