Day 19 – Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Without developing an entrepreneurial mindset you risk falling into a mediocre existence.”

Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is something we hear so often, but rarely do we know exactly what that means. We are told to think positive thoughts, be optimistic and don’t give up. That all sounds good, but it’s not so easy for the individuals who are completely new to the industry.

One thing you must understand is that developing an entrepreneurial mindset is an ongoing process. It requires a training of the mind on a daily basis. I make a point often that anyone can make money.

Your Business is NOT a Game, So Why Are You Playing?

business woman playing chessI don’t normally post to many articles as direct as this one is, but when I get that push in my spirit…I know I need to be obedient. This post is primarily directed to those of you who have a business or just starting a business and don’t want to face the reality of why you are not making any money.

In my opinion and experience, it is simply because you are not ready to be real with yourself. You are not willing to accept the fact that you have to DO something to make it happen.

How to Master Your Craft and Own Your Market

master your craftWhy do we often see so many women struggle with making their business successful? Why is it so difficult for some women to make money doing what they love? Over the past couple of years, I have noticed an imbalance between the number of women who are making entrepreneurship work, compared to those who aren’t.

It is a sad thing to see because a lot of women just don’t get it. It seems to me most of the women online today, have a particular way of thinking, I mindset that consists of them having to do it all and will only thrive in “hustle” mode.