Letting Go of Fear And Doubt

Letting Go of Fear And Doubt

As an entrepreneur, the greatest limits you will ever face, are the ones you put on yourself.

It’s never really intentional, it just is.

When it comes to letting go of fear and doubt, there really is only one way. That’s to just do whatever it is you are afraid of.

Even the smallest of actions in the right direction can override the deepest fear. Keep pressing forward. {Tweet This}

I know, easier said than done.

But that’s the point.

If you want things to change in your life, and your situation…you have to deal with whatever it is that’s preventing you from moving forward. That’s part of growing.

It’s uncomfortable at first.

Day 28 – Live on Purpose With No Compromise

31 Days of Dynamic December


“If you don’t compromise on your values and beliefs, you will never have to defend your purpose.”

No Compromise

Are you truly living on purpose?

Most people think they are, when in fact, they only wish they were. The sad truth is, far to many individuals have become so accustomed to doing what is considered ‘normal’ in our society that they have forgotten who they really are. They stop living out loud. They conform in order to remain politically correct. They compromise their beliefs to appease others (mostly family and close friends).

Day 6 – Overcome Fear

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Even the smallest of actions in the right direction can override the deepest fear. Keep pressing forward.”


Fear is debilitating. If you allow it to, fear can literally prevent you from doing the things you actually want to do. Sometimes we don’t recognize our fears. They often come disguised as legitimate ‘reasons’ why we aren’t able to complete a certain task.

Truth be told, everyone has a fear of something. It may be of failing or even having success. It could be a fear of what others may think or say about you. For a lot of people, fearing the unknown will stop them before they begin.

Day 3 – Defeat Failures

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Don’t let a little struggle or a few failures cause you to be defeated. For it is through these times you will discover your success.”

Defeat Failures

How many times have you felt failure? You made a wrong decision, or a bad choice that cost you something you felt at the time, you would never get back. Those times may have even knocked you off your game. Perhaps even caused a setback in your life or business. Looking back during your perceived failure, you more than likely, were able to recognize your mistake.

4 Reasons Why You Are Not Ready For Entrepreneurship

4 Reasons You Are Not Ready For EntrepreneurshipIt’s been my observation…

NON-entrepreneurs think entrepreneurship is some how easier than traditional work. They see us on Facebook often, watch us ‘brag’ about how happy we are, and how much we love our lifestyle. For a lot of us, that’s just our truth.

We also know, that just because we live our passions and choose to pursue our purpose in life…doesn’t mean the road isn’t always smooth.

In fact, entrepreneurship forces us to remain on our toes…always strategizing, always masterminding, always brainstorming, always thinking, always creating.

We don’t shut down or turn off at 5pm.

Fear or Victory, the Choice is Yours

Erase FearIt doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, but if your focus is based around fear, you will not have victory in your life or business. Victory is defined as: An act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition…

How do you plan to defeat fear and claim victory moving forward? I can certainly promise you it won’t be an easy task, however; it first starts with a simple decision. The choice is yours.

Fear or Victory…which do you choose?

As an entrepreneur, we cannot allow self-sabotaging beliefs to cloud our thinking, nor unintentional, yet premeditated defeats. Those “things” are better known as excuses.

Excuses are really fears we’ve determined to justify. (Tweet This)

Your Business is NOT a Game, So Why Are You Playing?

business woman playing chessI don’t normally post to many articles as direct as this one is, but when I get that push in my spirit…I know I need to be obedient. This post is primarily directed to those of you who have a business or just starting a business and don’t want to face the reality of why you are not making any money.

In my opinion and experience, it is simply because you are not ready to be real with yourself. You are not willing to accept the fact that you have to DO something to make it happen.

Don’t Be Scared, Be Yourself

Time after time it never fails, I visit a small business blog and its words and vibe echo the previous one. I don’t know why it is but it seems like some business bloggers are afraid to be themselves and put their own unique spin on things.

Professionalism is one thing, monotony is another.

In the (online) world we live in today, it seems like almost everyone is trying to be the next “so-and-so”. Where have all the “just do it”, fearless entrepreneurs gone?

How successful can you really become when you are not being authentic to yourself?

FEAR stunts growth. When we learn to stop being scared and start being ourselves, we are able to operate in a place of unstoppable strength.