Day 28 – Live on Purpose With No Compromise

31 Days of Dynamic December


“If you don’t compromise on your values and beliefs, you will never have to defend your purpose.”

No Compromise

Are you truly living on purpose?

Most people think they are, when in fact, they only wish they were. The sad truth is, far to many individuals have become so accustomed to doing what is considered ‘normal’ in our society that they have forgotten who they really are. They stop living out loud. They conform in order to remain politically correct. They compromise their beliefs to appease others (mostly family and close friends).

The problem with all of this is – you work so hard to fit in, to be accepted, that you stifle yourself. Each time you compromise your desires and passions, a piece of you dies inside. A true entrepreneur embraces their purpose because they recognize it is who they are destined to be. They know in their heart, they were created for greatness!

They cannot conform for the sake of making others feel comfortable being mediocre. A true entrepreneur wants to live boldly and live life on their terms…pursuing their passions and bringing their light into the world!

Why are so many people unwilling to live out loud?

Simply put…they are AFRAID.

Afraid of what other people will say or think. Afraid to fail. Afraid of success. Afraid to lose the perceived security they have established for themselves. Afraid of the unknown. This type of fear comes from losing ones self over years and years of compromise.

LIVING requires courage to challenge that which does not align with our personal values. The question is…are you up to the challenge? Stand up for what you believe in and what matters to you the most. When you do, you will never find yourself having to defend who you are.

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