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Since you are doing business online, you know the fortune is in the list, right?

Okay…that’s cool. After you create it, how do you get people on it is the big question.

It’s simple really.

You send people to a landing or capture page where they can sign up to your email list. As you build your business online, you will want a way to keep in touch with your leads and customers.

Having an email list is how you to do that. It provides a way to manage your contacts, follow-up regularly, and build a relationship.

Obviously, you will need to create lead capture pages for your business, but don’t think it has to be hard. Even if you don’t have any technical skills or know the first thing about designing a capture page, there are tools available that make it super easy, and fast.

Create Lead Capture Pages to Grow Your Business

Recently, I was introduced to Landing Page Monkey.

Landing Page Monkey is the new marketer friendly, page building platform that guarantees more opt-ins and less hassles. Your pages will look great in any browser on any device (including mobile & tablet) so you’ll be up and running fast.

One of the benefits that grabbed my immediate attention, was the cost. Unlike similar platforms, there is no monthly fee, just a one time purchase.

This makes Landing Page Monkey an affordable option if you are just starting out. You can still create lead capture pages to grow your business, even on a budget.

Another perk is that there are no limits to the number of pages you can build, subscribers or page views. Many of the other platforms charge you more each month if you exceed the amount of visitors to your page.

You can even have your pages hosted at no additional charge, and integrate with your email  autoresponder services.

A pretty important feature is that you create lead capture pages that are fully responsive, which means they work on whatever device or platform visitors are using.

Watch this demo below:

If you have been searching for a way to create lead capture pages to build your email list, market your products, business or brand, this is a tool a recommend.

Get Landing Page Monkey today so you can increase your list subscribers and sales.

If creating your own landing page is not your thing, find out more about the technical services I provide.

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A Simple Tool to Create Lead Capture Pages

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