Entrepreneurs: Why Are You So Comfortable?

Entrepreneurs: Why Are You So Comfortable?For me, entrepreneurship is so much more than making some money, or selling some stuff. To me, entrepreneurship is a set of skill sets that allow me…and you, the ability to create a sustainable life.

I know everyone won’t understand what I’m getting at here…but, I ask that you at least try.

It’s no secret that we are living in some very scary times. Whether you choose to see that, and believe it or not…it’s true.

And still…with all that is happening, people continue to sit comfortable.

Most are completely oblivious to the many signs and clues.

Real talk…

I get frustrated with entrepreneurs who in one moment, say…YES to an opportunity to create this ‘time and financial freedom’ they want…but then do absolutely nothing.

OR, very little.

All of a sudden…they don’t have time to learn a new skill.

They don’t have time to work on their business.

Let me just give you a reality check real quick…

You don’t have TIME to waste. Literally, your life and the lives of the people you love…depends on it.

But, you are comfortable…right?

I mean, you still have a job. You have a nice 401K. You have health, and life insurance. You have money in the bank. You and your family have a roof over your head, food in the fridge, a nice vehicle, and your bills get paid.

You’re doing everything the way you should. You’ve created a “safe, secure, and stable” future. Congratulations, you know how to follow the system!


Comfortable in your thinking. In that cute little zone you created for yourself.

You’re not struggling. Your back isn’t against the wall…so therefore…

You’ve got time to build your business tomorrow, or this weekend, or next week.

Don’t feel bad…most people think this way. That’s because, there really is no sense of urgency.

God forbid…something LIFE CHANGING happens.

What would you do if you experienced a great loss?

Like your job, your only source of income, even worse…a spouse, or even a child?

The question is…will you be prepared?

Will you be in a position (mentally, physically, and financially) where you can shift your current lifestyle to accommodate a new one if need be?

Go back and re-read that last sentence please…

Listen, things CHANGE…quickly (this is evident now, if you are paying attention).

You see, most entrepreneurs don’t think that far ahead. They are not concerned with anything too far beyond their next due bill, collecting that next Paypal payment, and producing the next client, or sale.

It is NOW TIME, to prepare yourself. Master your skill sets and use entrepreneurship as more than a way to make a few bucks.

Entrepreneurial Skill Sets

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Selling
  • Finance

And the list goes on…

Don’t limit yourself by keeping all your eggs in one basket. The ultimate economy you should be focused on is your own. Learn to be resourceful and take full advantage of all that is currently available to you.

Become self reliant so you don’t have to depend on anyone or anything else.

And most importantly…look within. All that you want and need, dwells there. It’s your job to tap in, and bring forth.

Remember, you are more powerful than you think.


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