life freedom lifestyleNowadays, everywhere you look online, someone is talking about “living a lifestyle”.

An Entrepreneur Lifestyle.

A Simple Lifestyle.

A Laptop Lifestyle.

A Life Freedom Lifestyle
(yea, that one is mine)

The list goes on, am I right?

But, when you hear those lifestyles, or see it…you get a certain feeling inside. Those particular lifestyles are attractive to people. What makes them so attractive is the fact that people actually WANT to live them.

People who enjoy spending time on their laptop (maybe more than the average person), are drawn to the term, and can actually envision themselves – living this lifestyle. Why? Because it resonates with them. They feel connected to the idea and can relate to what it means.

Some people might think it’s silly…but I believe it is effective marketing, and even better…a phenomenal way to build a brand. You see, we can always put things out there and hope people get it our understand what we are trying to say, or sell. That doesn’t always work in business.

Perception is reality.

As entrepreneurs and business owners…it is our job to NOT build a brand, but create for people, an experience they won’t forget. When they connect with you, when they read your content, see your posts, watch your videos…you want people to FEEL a certain way. You want them to develop an emotional reaction, to what you put out.

Understand that we may create the brand, but the people develop it. That’s why as you build your business, you must get to know your audience. Be clear about their needs and desires so they can┬álive a lifestyle that appeals to them, but is inspired by you!

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Living This Here Lifestyle
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