How Quick Do You Give it Up?

Let’s be adult about this, how quick do you give it up…you know, your goodies? Are you the type to give it up right away, or are you a bit of a tease and make them wait? When the time comes, do you tend to hesitate wondering what they might think if you give it away too soon?

Seriously, you know what you’ve got and you’re going to give it to them anyway…so what are you waiting for?

Wait a minute…you thought I was being fresh, didn’t you? Now, now…get your mind out of the gutter. The “goodies” I’m talking about giving up are your talents, gifts and the experiences that make up your unique position as a budding entrepreneur.

What is Your Specialty?

black business woman

To many service based entrepreneurs are all over the place when it comes to the services they offer in their business. “Doing it All”, doesn’t mean you will earn more money. What that really means is you are burnt out and overworked, (or soon will be) because you are attempting to build a “people-pleasing” business.

Believe me, I get it…you want to serve the masses, you want to help as many people as possible. But let me ask you this – how is trying to be ALL things to everybody, really working for you right now?

How Well Are You Listening Online?

MegaphoneYou know how it goes…you see this vision and decide to start a blog for your business. You get all excited about selecting the colors you love, designing a flashy background, add your banners and links in the sidebar hoping for clicks and sales and finally, you craft your first few blog posts.

If you are even a little blog savvy, you know how to share your content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and you probably even know how to use some of the cool time-saving social media tools like HootSuite and Buffer to help with automation.

Now, all this is fine and dandy but the question I want to ask you is – How well are you listening?

Content Marketing Part 3: 7 Reasons to Host Live Events

In week 3 of the Content Marketing Strategy Series, you will discover the value and importance of hosting Live Events.

By Daphne J. Bousquet

Content Marketing - Live EventsCoaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and self employed professionals are always looking for the next client and new marketing strategies. One powerful marketing strategy that is often overlooked is the live event. Live events come in many forms, such as workshops, boot camps, mastermind retreats or summits. Here are 7 reasons why hosting your own live event is essential if you want to propel your business to the next level.

3 Simple Ways to Attract Clients with Your Blog

attraction marketing and bloggingAs business blogging becomes more and more popular, many small business owners who have taken their businesses online, are beginning to realize the powerful connection of capturing their market with a blog.

As simple as it sounds, there is a bit more to it than putting up a blog and posting about your phenomenal products and amazing services.

To attract clients with your blog, you should focus on sharing as opposed to selling. Allow your readers to feel you out and learn more from you and about you.