Content Marketing Part 3: 7 Reasons to Host Live Events

In week 3 of the Content Marketing Strategy Series, you will discover the value and importance of hosting Live Events.

By Daphne J. Bousquet

Content Marketing - Live EventsCoaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and self employed professionals are always looking for the next client and new marketing strategies. One powerful marketing strategy that is often overlooked is the live event. Live events come in many forms, such as workshops, boot camps, mastermind retreats or summits. Here are 7 reasons why hosting your own live event is essential if you want to propel your business to the next level.

Reason # 1: Become the Superstar
The advantage of hosting a live event is that is makes you the superstar. Whether a self employed professional is addressing a room full of prospects at a workshop or seminar or a coach is offering intensive training in his field at a multi-day boot camp, he is the center of attention and the obvious expert in the room. This generates instant credibility.

Reason # 2: Face To Face Communication
There is no substitution for face to face communication. With the buzz about social media, Twitter, blogs and Facebook, people tend to think that virtual relationships is enough. While relationships created on social media are certainly valid, these relationships are strengthened and reinforced during in person interaction. When you can see a person’s face and body language during a conversation, the communication is much more valid. And of course, sometimes it’s just nice to be able to put the face with the name, instead of an avatar or profile picture.

Reason # 3: A Captive Audience
During live events, you have a captive audience. You have forced people from their homes and all the distractions that go with that. They can’t stop to throw in a load of laundry, walk the dog or to deal with a crying child. As they are listening to you, you have their undivided attention and sometimes that is necessary for them to really “get” your message. No matter how many times they have heard it during teleseminars, read it in eBooks, or listened to you in a coaching session, sometimes it is crucial to not only hear the message, but also see the visual aids, body language and facial expressions to completely understand it.

Reason # 4: Know, Like, Trust, Buy
People do business with people they know, like and trust and your live event will get you to that step in a record amount of time. As you are in front of the room, teaching your classes and being the expert, your clients and prospects come to know you, or at least they will feel like they know you. As you are the undisputed expert in the room, they will trust you and hopefully, like you. That will set the stage for them to become raving fans, to do more business with you, buy your other products, invest in one on one coaching or move up to a higher-end (and more lucrative for you) package.

Reason # 5: Interaction
Live events also offer the opportunity for interaction with your audience. During this interaction you can field questions and explain some of your points in more depth. This is a good way to get feedback of what questions your audience is struggling with and what you might need to improve or laser in on during subsequent presentations. Sometimes this will give you an “Aha moment” and an idea for another product to offer.

Reason # 6: Strategic Alliances
Live events should give you enough time to network with your attendees as well. You want to know where they are in their business, so you can offer your support, services and perhaps create a strategic alliance. Many consumers of intense training sessions are very successful, as they invest in themselves and their business. With strategic alliances or joint ventures, you can tap into that success and create an additional revenue stream that you would not have had without this alliance.

Reason # 7: Profit
Let’s not forget the most obvious reason to host your live event; the immediate revenue stream. Multi-day boot camps or mastermind retreats are generally high ticket items and the income they can easily hit the 5 and sometimes even 6-figure mark. When you add in sponsorships, repurposing the content for a home-study course and other income generating information products, strategic alliances that may ensue and the backend sales that result from your presentations, one live event could produce enough income to double your business in one year.

Hosting your own live event will make you a superstar with your prospects and clients, turn them into raving fans and lifelong clients and generate you a well deserved profit. Use this powerful marketing strategy to propel your business to the next level this year.

Daphne J. Bousquet is a Certified Meeting Professional who offers profitable event strategies and execution to coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and self employed professionals. Go to to get your free teleseminar: “Discover How To Propel Your Business To The Next Level With your Own Live Event”

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