Freedom Creators Mastermind

Freedom Creators Mastermind

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Are you interested in learning the principles to building wealth and receiving financial education for mindset, marketing, and business development?


We make money work for us, so we can spend MORE time living & LESS time working!


(Private Mastermind for Women & Moms)

Create Passive Residual Wealth in Your Business

Passive Residual Wealth

Do you want to learn the formula to creating passive residual wealth? Learn the 3 simple ways to increase your income online. Watch the video below as business coach and author, Myron Golden, teaches his business model to becoming a millionaire.

You do believe it’s possible….right?

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Can you imagine what your life would look like if you had money working for you?

You can have a business, yet it still requires you to invest much of your time, in order to earn an income. When you trade hours for dollars, there is always a limit on the amount of money you can make. There are only so many hours you can physically work.

Your Business is NOT a Game, So Why Are You Playing?

business woman playing chessI don’t normally post to many articles as direct as this one is, but when I get that push in my spirit…I know I need to be obedient. This post is primarily directed to those of you who have a business or just starting a business and don’t want to face the reality of why you are not making any money.

In my opinion and experience, it is simply because you are not ready to be real with yourself. You are not willing to accept the fact that you have to DO something to make it happen.

Audio Post: Are You Stuck in Start?

Stuck in Start. What do I mean by that, how can one be stuck in start? Well, lately I’ve had an increase in emails from women who are struggling with that very issue. They are stuck in start.

So, I wanted to share this audio post today, in effort to offer some insight, to those women who have started a business or have a business but are stuck in start. Meaning that in their attempt to learn how to develop a business foundation, they have instead, become bogged down by information overload to the point that they aren’t able to do anything at all.

Have You Forgotten Your Vision?

stressed out womanI often spend time reflecting on my vision. The vision I have for my business. I guess you can consider me a dreamer because I tend to visualize a lot about what my business will be and how I picture it evolving into something amazing….even unbelievable.

I remember being as young as 9 and 10 years old thinking about having my own business because even at that age, I knew I wanted to be a mom who worked from home. Fast forward 20 something years and I am living my childhood dream!

I contribute this to me having never lost sight over the years….I never forgot my vision.

Have you forgotten YOUR vision?