Have You Forgotten Your Vision?

stressed out womanI often spend time reflecting on my vision. The vision I have for my business. I guess you can consider me a dreamer because I tend to visualize a lot about what my business will be and how I picture it evolving into something amazing….even unbelievable.

I remember being as young as 9 and 10 years old thinking about having my own business because even at that age, I knew I wanted to be a mom who worked from home. Fast forward 20 something years and I am living my childhood dream!

I contribute this to me having never lost sight over the years….I never forgot my vision.

Have you forgotten YOUR vision?

Thinking back to those carefree days of your youth, have you now, in your adulthood, found yourself in a career you truly do not love? Is your life not at all what you thought it would be? Are you doing the types of things you never imagined you would be doing?

Maybe it is because you forgot your vision. Somewhere down the road of life, something caused you to put your dreams to the side and focus on reality. Life just took over…right?

Believe me, I understand that. I am no stranger to the harsh circumstances life can seem to throw your way over and over again. But even in the midst of all that, you can’t forget your vision.

Don’t forget…

When you forget your vision, you lose your purpose. When you lose your purpose, you diminish your passions. When you diminish your passions, you become accustomed to doing things to get by…to survive.

When you submit to survival mode, fear is able to creep in. We all know (whether we want to admit it or not), when fear enters, it brings a whole lot of distraction and excuse with it.

When we forget, our mindset become distorted and our thinking becomes limited. So limited that we begin to embrace other people’s false opinions about ourselves, as our own. We begin to relate our own strengths and abilities to doubt.

We’ve created personal insecurities without even realizing the pattern. All because we forgot our vision. How scary is that?

One big struggle women have is…

How to overcome. If we even recognize what is going on in the first place. So how do you overcome? You start by getting reacquainted with your vision. Take some time to just let your imagination go…

Then, you work on putting a STOP to negative thoughts, self-sabotaging talk, and counter productive habits. This is the difficult part because it is a process…not a one shot deal.

Next, you enlist support. That’s right, you acknowledge you need some guidance and direction and you go get it. You surround yourself with those who can not only help you get unstuck, but with those who want to see you be your absolute best and guide you because they believe in your potential.

You deserve to see your vision, live your purpose and pursue your passion. Choose today and go for it!

Tamyka Washington | Internet Network Marketing


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4 thoughts on “Have You Forgotten Your Vision?”

  1. Great message Tamyka. I think we all go through the ups and downs of what we think “reality is.” People have the tendency to make us feel guilty about pursuing our goals because they don’t have “our” vision therefore, how can they see it? It is definitely a mindset issue, one that definitely needs to be addressed prior to jumping in 100%. I commend you on the work you do for Women in Business.

    1. Thank you Regina! Your so right about other people not having our vision and it truly is a mindset issue. That’s what I want to help women through in order to really experience the most from their business. Thanks for your support!

  2. It is important to keep one’s vision in mind while traversing the many shiny objects and obstacles that come along – many of which create time wasting detours. It helps to have a mentor, whether a formal one or not and yes, support from a peer group of like-minded individuals. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, Tamyka.

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