31 Days of Dynamic December


“All that you have envisioned for yourself will manifest when you consistently show up for yourself.”

Show up for yourself

Why do so many entrepreneurs struggle with making consistent money in their business? It’s been my observation that one of the reasons is, they fail to show up for themselves. To many of us get into a lazy mindset, and it’s not always our fault. All of the fluff and false advertising on social media promising overnight riches for doing next to nothing, has caused most to believe they can get something for nothing.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard, in fact, you are going to work harder than you probably ever have in your life…you have to show up every single day. If you want to build a thriving, profitable business, and call yourself a BOSS, dismiss the ‘lounge on the beach sipping drinks’, image in your mind.

If you are or ever have been an employee, you know if you don’t go to work every day, you don’t get paid. If you go to work and slack off, you will get fired. That’s because you signed up to perform a task on a regular basis to earn a paycheck. You have to clock in at a certain time and do what is required of you. If you can show up for a boss, you have to show up even more for yourself.

No excuses.

Yes, you may not have to wake up as early in the morning. Your commute may be 2 minutes down the hall instead of an hour in traffic. However, you still must be committed to your work, dedicate a set amount of hours and wear many, many hats.

Are you ready for that?

Real talk, it’s hard…especially in the beginning. The difference is, it is all worth it because it is your dream and vision you are pursuing. It’s what will motivate you to stay up late and wake up early. It fuels your passion. It is what you hope to achieve that will keep you in the game for the long haul.

But, in order for all of that to happen…you have got to show up!

If you are someone who is ready to stop playing small, and show up in a big way for yourself, click here and see how you can start living the life you desire.


Day 17 – Show Up For Yourself

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