31 Days of Dynamic December


“Your passion is a deeply rooted emotion intended to influence your desire to pursue your purpose.”


We all have a passion for something. Sadly, some people have gotten so good at burying it, they’ve actually lost it. Your passion, whatever it is…has a purpose. The reason why you are drawn to something, or have a unquenchable love for something is not a coincidence. You were created to accomplish a particular task. What that is, only you will know (or get to know).

Don’t be afraid to feel what it is you feel. It is a huge part of who you are. When you deny your passion, you deny yourself. You deprive yourself, and those closest to you, of true happiness. Your assignment in life is to complete that which you are intended to accomplish. You are destined to serve a greater purpose much bigger than yourself.

At times we may experience opposition along our journey. But true passion will never diminish, it won’t allow you to give up or quit. Passion is designed to push you to persist.

Whatever is your most pressing desire, make a decision to never allow its intensity to lose its fire.

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Day 5 – Pursuing Passion and Purpose
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