build online relationshipsDo you ever wonder how some women entrepreneurs are making a successful living working from home?

Ever thought how easily it seems they can turn a passion into a profitable business in almost no time at all?

Though they may have toddlers or infants to care for, somehow they seem to know how to make working from home, really work!

What is it that these women entrepreneurs are doing different to get the ball rolling and bringing the money in so quickly?

Allow me to let you in on their secret…

Instead of being focused on making money, they are more focused on building quality online relationships. You see, they understand that in order to be grow a profitable business on the internet, you need to have an audience of people interested in what you offer.

Once you’ve begun to attract your ideal market to you, it’s time you shift your efforts to establishing a connection, building trust and growing a genuine online relationship with them.

How are these savvy women entrepreneurs doing this with ease?

Through Email Marketing.

We all know those experts who are well known and making a generous income from the people who follow their every move online.

But what about the rest of us? The ones who are fairly new to the marketplace or haven’t quite learned what it takes to get people to take action and opt-in to our email list?

With digital marketing, (more commonly known as social media marketing), becoming more and more overly saturated, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are taking a deeper look at other ways to build an engaged audience.

What they are discovering is that an audience driven business is the answer. And getting results in this area can be accomplished best by developing your social influence and creating trusting online relationships to stay in contact with your audience.

This process can be done through email marketing. Though this method has been around since the beginning of online marketing, it’s also been underutilized because business owners think it’s to difficult to use.

But, with a little knowledge and skill – building, nurturing and growing your email list, can prove to be a viable method for increasing your business income.

Like any other marketing effort, planning a strategy for how you will grow your list and build these online relationships is necessary for creating 2-way communication.

Now, starting a list is one thing…growing it is another, right?

One particular feature within any email marketing service you must become familiar with is the autoresponder.

The autoresponder is what you will use to share content with your subscribers on a regular, long term basis. The best part is, you can write out your material ahead of time and schedule the emails to go out once a week or how often you’d like!

This keeps you fresh on the minds of your customers while providing a series of relevant content that your audience really wants and needs.

Once you have your autoresponder messages pre-written and set up, you want to create an enticing, targeted offer to get people to actually subscribe to your list. For instance, you could put together an an ebook or an audio or video series that relates to the material in your autoresponder series.

All this great content should tie in together to really keep your marketing message consistent, keep your readers engaged and lead them into an understanding of how you can help them.

With an autoresponder and offer all set, you cannot forget another important aspect of list building and email marketing. The opt-in page copy, which is equally as important.

You really want to take the time to tell people exactly what they can expect to get from you when they subscribe to your list. A helpful hint..share with them why they should subscribe by letting them know, “what’s in it for them”.

social media build relationships onlineBusy women entrepreneurs know that a simple way to get the word out about their business is to use social networks to promote their free offer so people can get it once they sign up to their list!

The next thing you must focus on is nurturing the relationships within that list.

Your autoresponder is designed to share more about what you do and how you can help your audience, while creating a personal connection with regular email keeps subscribers engaged and up-to-date with what’s going on with you.

Another much overlooked way to nurturing online relationships with email is by offering exclusive content, just for them. If you make a habit of sharing the same stuff on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn on your blog and with your email list…they have no reason to remain on your list.

Cultivate those relationships, give them extra TLC and goodies that they can’t get anywhere else!

What you must know about deepening the connection with your subscribers is that they grow to trust you and really like you. They become your biggest supporters and start to feel a part of your team. They feel confident in your abilities and refer you to others. When you do mention you have a new product or sale, loyal subscribers feel comfortable to buy from you and work with you, over and over again!

As a business owner, aimless marketing won’t get it. You’ve got to really know who you are targeting and attract them with an offer they can’t refuse. Then, the quality of messages you send have to maintain a great level of value.

Savvy women entrepreneurs know quantity doesn’t matter but quality subscribers help you grow your audience, build your credibility and increase your income.

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How To Build Online Relationships To Grow Your Business

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