So many people talk about what they want…Happy Woman

They want financial freedom.

They want their time back.

They want to quit their dead end job.

They want to be home to raise their kids.

They want to live a life free of stress, debt and overwhelm.

What happens next?

They turn to the internet looking for answers on how to achieve the new American Dream…Internet Entrepreneurship. They ‘catch the vision’ as they stumble upon the top leaders in the industry and big time gurus. Those 6 and 7 figure internet income earners.


You start to think, “if I just do what they do…”

Sadly, 98% of people will never experience that type of income, no matter how hard they try. And, if you’ve been in this game long enough to have your happy bubble burst, you know it’s not that easy. It’s possible, it’s simple, but not easy.

Wondering what the missing link is?

It’s probably nothing you expect…but, the missing link is YOU.

Huh…what does that mean? It means…if you REALLY step back, and OBSERVE what those leaders are truly DOING to create wealth online, you will notice one thing…

They are not marketing a particular product, program or opportunity. If you think they are…you aren’t SEEING the bigger picture. Don’t confuse this (here is the golden nugget…don’t miss it —>) they are promoting an income vehicle…but are MARKETING themselves.

(Re-read the last paragraph…then meditate on that for a minute…I’ll wait!)

My friend…when you understand the power of YOU, you become the marketable, and in demand asset in your industry. (Tweet This!)

They are using their unique personalities, talents and skills to attract their audience. In industry terms – they are branding themselves. Not the company they represent, not the product they sell. They are teaching and showing others how to have the lifestyle they desire, by using the same income vehicle they are using…get it?

With that being said…

I want you to embrace the idea…THIS IS YOUR TIME!!!

The freedom you desire is attainable. It’s yours for the taking. The only thing stopping you…is YOU! What do you need to succeed online?

First, you need to determine your passions, strengths, and skills. What can you do extremely well? What do you love to do? What would you do even if you didn’t get paid for it?

Then decide how you can profit from that? What will be your income vehicle…will it be your own product/service or will you partner with an affiliate or network marketing company?

Write out all your options and really take into consideration your personal interests and goals to figure out which avenue is suitable for you.

Once you have the right income vehicle, you will need the right marketing system and tools. Imagine waking up to new leads and sales in your business, daily…having the right tools in place make it easy.


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You’ve got to establish your foundation to succeed. The same way a house needs to be built on a solid structure, so does your online business. Secure your foundation and you can develop a lasting and profitable business using the internet.

 Are you ready to grow your business and income online?

The reality is, in order to make money online in your business, you have to be able to attract people interested in what you offer. You can click here and learn how with the right business tools, you can start to get NEW leads and sales daily.


Branding And Marketing Yourself Online

2 thoughts on “Branding And Marketing Yourself Online

  • 06/30/2014 at 9:14 AM


    I always say that “You are Your business”. Especially when you have an information business.

    No one can compete with you! Your business is unique when you market yourself.

    Nice, Tamyka.


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