Day 17 – Show Up For Yourself

31 Days of Dynamic December


“All that you have envisioned for yourself will manifest when you consistently show up for yourself.”

Show up for yourself

Why do so many entrepreneurs struggle with making consistent money in their business? It’s been my observation that one of the reasons is, they fail to show up for themselves. To many of us get into a lazy mindset, and it’s not always our fault. All of the fluff and false advertising on social media promising overnight riches for doing next to nothing, has caused most to believe they can get something for nothing.

Branding And Marketing Yourself Online

So many people talk about what they want…Happy Woman

They want financial freedom.

They want their time back.

They want to quit their dead end job.

They want to be home to raise their kids.

They want to live a life free of stress, debt and overwhelm.

What happens next?

They turn to the internet looking for answers on how to achieve the new American Dream…Internet Entrepreneurship. They ‘catch the vision’ as they stumble upon the top leaders in the industry and big time gurus. Those 6 and 7 figure internet income earners.


You start to think, “if I just do what they do…”

Audio Post: Are You Stuck in Start?

Stuck in Start. What do I mean by that, how can one be stuck in start? Well, lately I’ve had an increase in emails from women who are struggling with that very issue. They are stuck in start.

So, I wanted to share this audio post today,┬áin effort to offer some insight, to those women who have started a business or have a business but are stuck in start. Meaning that in their attempt to learn how to develop a business foundation, they have instead, become bogged down by information overload to the point that they aren’t able to do anything at all.