Start Blogging

Ready to create a blog for your business?

Start blogging to establish yourself online, build your authority, and start growing your list of subscribers, leads, and customers. (Looking for a done-for-you blog option? Click Here)

Step 1 – Get A Hosting Account


A blog website is your virtual home, or storefront, on the internet. It’s where your business will live, and needs to be hosted.

There are numerous hosting companies you can choose from, but…I recommend JVZoo Host.

That’s because…(1) my readers are eligible for an entire month of FREE hosting. (2) they provide safe, fast, and affordable web hosting with superior support. (3) you can start with a basic plan and upgrade without extra fees as your business grows.

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Web Hosting with JVZoo Hosting


Once you have your hosting account, the next thing you will need to do is get your domain name. Your domain is your website address, such as –

You can get one through JVZoo Hosting.


Next, you will be able to install WordPress onto your domain. As a business owner, entrepreneur or marketer, WordPress is the preferred platform to use. It’s also the only one I ever recommend. Your WordPress blog platform will give you the ability to bring your site to life.

It’s where you will share all of your content – blog posts, videos, podcasts, images, and information on your offers, services, and products.

Step 2 – Build Your Email List


The fortune is in the list..and your greatest business asset, is your list.

Part of blogging for business, is growing your email list. It’s how you build relationships that increase your marketing and sales conversions, with the use of an autoresponder.

An effective way to generate leads, and grow your customer base.

Your autoresponder allows you to easily collect email addresses and be able to connect, engage, communicate, educate and market to your subscribers.

No matter what type of business you have, or industry you are in, email and autoresponder make up a huge part of your marketing for online entrepreneurs and small business owners.

With step-by-step instructions to get started, and free training on how to grow your business with email marketing…sign up with ActiveCampaign and get a 14 day free trial.

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Step 3 – Start Blogging

Blogging doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Consider it a powerful marketing tool that will help you get discovered, and build your business.

It is your content that readers will find valuable, and want to get to know more about what you do and offer. Focus on serving a particular audience.

Quality trumps quantity any day.

So, if you’re wondering…what you should blog about…you want to first think about WHO it is you want to sell your products and services to.

  • What are their interests?
  • What can you share with them that will help them in some way?
  • What can you share with them that will inspire them in some way?
  • What can you share with them that will teach them in some way?

Know your ideal audience, and take advantage of the resources below to help you start blogging for your business.


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