Your Blog is Your Branding Platform

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Nowadays, it seems like almost everyone is starting an online business. With all the buzz around social media marketing, average people are starting to see how it can help them grow their business with little to no out of pocket expense.

Through the power of technology, purchasing a domain name and starting a blog for business has become extremely easy. From corporate America to stay-at-home mom, lots of people are finding creative ways to earn money from the comfort of their own home.

But is is really as easy as it sounds?

Of course not, because if it were, everyone would be doing it.

Before you can establish an online business and start making money with a blog, you have to create visibility and build credibility with your audience. The way to do that is by BRANDING.

How can your blog become your branding platform?

Well, aside from having an overall goal for your blog, it’s important to consider what you can offer others. Ask yourself, “what can I bring to the table, what are my strengths, what are some of my best skills?”

Your blog is your personal platform – your central hub,  to display not only what you know, but it is your space to be unique and utilize your voice. Being authentic and sharing valuable content with your audience at the same time, will help them relate to you and interact with you.

Connecting with other people in your industry (or similar industry) on social media and sharing your awesome content is an effective way to grow your social influence, build your brand and create more awareness to your blog.

Using your blog as your branding platform is a way for you to stand out from the crowd. You want to be known for your expertise and as a thought leader within your industry. You have to help your readers see your value and recognize you are the “Go-To” girl for whatever it is you do.

Take it Serious…

Building your brand is no easy task and requires you to be committed to yourself and what you believe in. People need to see consistency from you in all that you say, write and do in order to like you and trust you…hey, that’s just the way it is!

Blogging has become the way for entrepreneurs and small business owners to build a credible brand online. If you would like to discover how you can start blogging for business, take a look at this.

How about you, are you building your brand with blogging? Share your comments below:

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12 thoughts on “Your Blog is Your Branding Platform”

  1. This is great stuff! I agree that blogging is definitely a must have for establishing your brand!

  2. Donna Marie Johnson

    I love that you focus on holding bloggers accountable to be committed to their blogs, Tamyka. So many people are just too scattered, especially when they’re starting out, and have unrealistic expectations for instant results.
    “Building your brand is no easy task and requires you to be committed to yourself and what you believe in.”
    I so agree!

  3. You are so right Donna, many new bloggers have unrealistic expectations and want instant results, but truth is without being committed to the work involved with branding yourself, none of that will happen!

  4. I definitely agree with this. Commitment and consistency are key when it comes to blogging. A lot of people want to give up when they don’t see immediate results; they don’t realize it takes time. Great post!

  5. Beverly Powell

    Thanks Tamyka! This was so simply stated…helpful and informative. You’re the “go to girl”!!

    Peace and blessings
    Beverly Powell

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