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Thakore Lewis | Featured Women in Business - The Life Freedom LifestyleFull Name: Thakore Lewis

Company/Business Name: KSL Development Institute

Year Started: 2017


I am a: Mom Entrepreneur

Tell us about yourself: I am a Wife and Mother. Over the last 21 years I have worked professionally in Education. I am also an Author. I have written and self published 5 books, all non fiction and 1 Children’s book.

Tell us about your business: KSL Development Institute is an educational, training and Consulting firm. I offer live online classes for homeschool families and traditionally schooled families. These classes are for K-12 grade students and consist of a variety of courses. The classes I offer give families the opportunity to choose what they want their child to learn, at the pace they desire. It also supports Homeschool families who want additional support, choices and educational exposure for their children.

At KSL, I also consult with individuals who want to start a Preschool/ childcare business or those already established. I help with planning, developing programs, training staff & owners; consultation can be from start up to finish and continuation. I help with classroom arrangements, material selection, staff recruiting, administration and more. In addition, I am a trainer who trains Birth through Kindergarten Teachers; whereas I can personalize trainings for a particular program or Teachers can register for courses offered.

What inspired you to start your business? I have been an Educator for 21 years and it’s my field of expertise. I wanted to create a business doing what I love and most importantly I want to be able to create my own, for my own. I have a son now and I want to soon be able to Homeschool him when he gets of age, but to do that, I need to be financially stable. I believe in creating a legacy, and I want to create that for my son. My business is named after my son; his initials are KSL.

What is your favorite quote or saying? Surround yourself with people who know more than you about something because eventually you will learn something new.

What is ONE business goal you are currently working on achieving? I am working towards a Georgia trainer certification, and developing more courses for K-12 online classes.

What was a challenge you faced in your business and how did you overcame it? Getting clients is always a challenge. I am always creating new ways to market myself and provide excellence in my work to retain my clients.

What would you say contributes to your success? My Faith contributes to my success. It’s my faith and belief that God would not have given me so many gifts and talents just to sit away and do nothing. This belief keeps me pushing pass fear, rejection and failures.  So, my faith and attitude.

What advice would you give an aspiring woman entrepreneur? Believe in yourself regardless of what others don’t see, or beyond what you currently see. Keep a stick to it mindset, no matter what. While building, you will feel like the pressure is too much but remember the pressure brings gold. Keep cultivating that dream, do what you can do. Don’t compare to others, be you because that’s enough.

Are there any projects you are currently working on? Yes, creating new courses for my K-12 classes.

Where can we find you online? 

Facebook page: KSL Development Institute
Facebook page: Author Thakore CoCo O’Neal


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