Why You Struggle in Network Marketing

Struggle in Network Marketing

There really is a different mindset between a network marketer, and an entrepreneur business owner. The difference can impact the bottom line of one.

As a business mentor, I work primarily with network marketers. They have a different approach to doing business which can sometimes affect them, in a negative way.

It’s not really their fault. Believe me, I get it. I’ve been in the home business space since 2002.

Most in our space are simply doing what they’ve been taught to do. No matter how much they struggle to get any significant results, they still hold on to those teachings, without question.

But, at what point should you stop and say, “this isn’t working…I need to be doing something different.”

Yes, you have to give it time.

Yes, you have to “talk” to a lot of people.

But if you’ve been really working your business, have exhausted your entire warm market, and still aren’t getting the results you’ve hoped for…you have to make a decision…

Do I continue to struggle, or do I go against the grain, and use a different approach?

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Most network marketers are scared to unfollow the teachings of their company or upline. But the truth is…YOU are an independent business owner. This means, you can build your business how you want.

You have to start thinking more like an entrepreneur business owner, instead of only like a network marketer.

When you think like a network marketer, you take or lack action, based on the wrong focus.

  • It’s not about rank advancing.
  • It’s not about making X amount of dollars this week.
  • It’s not about the number of people you recruit.
  • It’s not about pushing products.
  • It’s not about harassing random people.
  • It’s not about winning a team challenge.
  • It’s not about an incredible promotion.
  • It’s not about how many parties you have on the books.

I could go on and on, but it’s not about any of that…

Listen, truth is…this is not your grandma’s era of direct sales/network marketing. If you’ve been following those old school methods and it’s not working…it’s because we are no longer in the dinosaur age.

People have access to the internet and don’t need you to tell them about your products. Whatever it is you’re selling or promoting, it’s all over social media. People are doing their own research.

Time to Get With The Times

When you begin to see yourself as an entrepreneur business owner, and not just an independent business owner, you think differently.

You begin to operate differently and you set yourself apart from your company.

Your focus shifts and you understand the value of working with only a particular market of people (not everyone). You realize that selling is not a dirty or scary word, it’s actually part of doing business (it’s how to get paid).

You see that recruiting is not the answer to your financial security…gaining customers is. Satisfied customers keep you in business, not team members.

You recognize your role is to understand the needs of your market, inform them of the solutions you offer, and provide a service that helps them make a decision to buy.

You get the fact that you have to train and work with your team members, instead of getting them in and leave them to fend for themselves.

When you operate like an entrepreneur business owner, you’re able to build a thriving and sustainable business without having to always be in ‘hustle’ mode.

Work smarter not harder.

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