How to Start A Blog

How to Start A Blog In 3 Simple Steps

Many entrepreneurs wonder how to start a blog, so they can build their online presence, grow their brand or business, and start making money online.

Back in 2009, I officially launched a blog to market my business. When I started, I didn’t have a following and knew that in order to grow my business, blogging was the smartest way to go

Fast forward to today…blogging is still my primary method for growing my business and has proven to be the most effective way to attract new leads, and generate sales online.

Even if you are new to blogging, in this post you will learn…

How to Start A Blog In 3 Simple Steps

Step #1 ~ Purchase Your Web Hosting

Your blog is your virtual home, or storefront, on the internet. It’s where your business will live, and needs to be hosted. There are many hosting companies to choose from, but Bluehost is the #1 recommended web hosting by

Every account features 1-click WordPress installation, so it’s super easy to get up and running. Powering over 2 million websites worldwide they are one of the most popular and affordable options. Whether you are an experienced or a new blogger, Bluehost will accommodate your needs.

Bluehost Home


Click the “get started now” button to get started (see above). Select a hosting plan that fits your needs. (Normally, if you are just starting out I recommend the basic plan but, if you are really serious about this and want more resources & power, go with their Prime or Pro plan). Keep in mind, you can always upgrade your plan as you grow.


Select Plan

Step #2 ~ Register Your Domain Name

This is where you get to choose your blog name. Choose wisely, because this will be your URL and what will identify your brand. A good idea is to make sure your domain name is descriptive of what your blog represents. and as unique as possible.

It should be relevant to your business, and what you do. For example, I am my brand…therefore, I chose my domain name to be MY name. Keep it simple, short and easy for people to spell and remember.


Type your domain name with this nifty Domain Name below. Don’t spend a ton of time on this step, you can always change the domain name later. If you already have a domain name, type it in the “i have a domain name” step. Bluehost is generous enough to throw in a FREE domain name for every new hosting account created.



The next step is to fill out your account and billing information. Then, review the package information below and decide what term/add-ons are desired. The biggest bang for your buck is on the 60 month term, but you can choose 36 months, 24 months or 12 months. *Note, Bluehost will charge you upfront for the entire term.


Account Info


Insert payment information and accept the terms.


Payment Info


Congrats, your hosting account has been created! Bluehost will send you a welcome email confirming account and FTP information.

Next, create your password. Make sure to review the requirements for creating the password. If you need help you can always click the “Suggest Password” option. Regardless, I recommend notating it just to be safe. You’ll end up needing it later on.


password step


Go ahead and login and start getting familiar with your new Bluehost account.




Step #3 ~ WordPress

Thanks to Bluehost, after your hosting account has been created WordPress will automatically install. Start off by picking a theme, these are all free themes from You can always update your theme later.


Pick Theme


Now that you’ve picked your theme, let’s jump into WordPress and get you even closer to constructing that first blog post.


WP Login


Decide whether this site will be for business or personal use.


WP Dashboard


On this step, you’ll see an overview of Bluehost+WordPress integration. You can manage WordPress plugins and blog posts or pages here.


Bluehost tools


Decide on a site title and description here.


launch site


Here’s a revamped dashboard of the Bluehost control panel.




Now you can make your site look how you want! Since you are using WordPress the sky’s the limit! Start a blog now and share your passion with the world.

Start Publishing

Blogging doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Consider it a powerful marketing tool that will help you get discovered, and build your business.

It is your content that readers will find valuable, and want to get to know more about what you do and offer. Focus on serving a particular audience.

Quality trumps quantity any day.

So, if you’re wondering…what you should blog about…you want to first think about WHO it is you want to sell your products and services to.

  • What are their interests?
  • What can you share with them that will help them in some way?
  • What can you share with them that will inspire them in some way?
  • What can you share with them that will teach them in some way?

Know your ideal audience, and take advantage of the resources below to help you start blogging for your business.


Free Business Blogging Articles



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