Patti LaBelle Pie Gone Wild

Patti LaBelle Pie ReviewI’ll be the first to admit, I’m not good at keeping up with what’s going on in the media, nor do I regularly follow trends, since I don’t watch much T.V. or the news.

My source of information comes from…Facebook.

All weekend, my time line has been flooded with people talking about, Patti LaBelle pie.

Posts like, “have you tasted it?”, “where can I buy it?”, “how much is it?” and so on and so forth.

After finally giving into my curiosity, I decided to do a little investigating to see what was the big deal.

What I found was that all this buzz stemmed from a Patti LaBelle fan who posted a very entertaining video review of himself trying the pie.

Now, being the entrepreneurial minded woman that I am…I immediately thought of how quickly this review went viral (now with well over 1 million views), just because someone decided to share their personal experience with a product.

Follow me for a second…

It made me think of some of the conversations I have with people wanting to know how they could start a business from home, but don’t consider themselves, a sales person.

When you look at the Patti LaBelle pie story from a Network Marketing stand point, it’s kind of funny to me.

You see, what this man did is exactly what we do in network marketing. The only difference is, he isn’t getting paid a single penny for all the sales he brought to Walmart, who retails the pies, nor from Patti LaBelle herself.

People all over the place are hearing about these pies from a YouTube video that hit social media. That’s the power of Network Marketing. Who would’ve thought just sharing about a slice of pie would create so much attention (and revenue)?

Pattie LaBelle Pie

Of course we know Ms. LaBelle is a super star, and her name alone could sell some pie, but in this situation, her revenue skyrocketed over this past weekend alone because of the FREE promotion her fan gave away.

YES, I said gave away. Because again, he received nothing in return. Scratch that, he did get a personal phone call from Ms. LaBelle, that definitely counts for something.

My point is, thousands of people posted, shared, and encouraged all their friends and family to go out and buy Patti LaBelle pie because of a video they saw of a man eating a slice, and being extra comical.

Did they get a cut of the sales they generated? Nope.

Did they earn some free pie? Nope.

What they did get, was a taste of what network marketers do on a daily basis, except we get compensated for our time and efforts.

Many of these same individuals who where “Promoting Patti Pie”…for FREE, are the same individuals who think it’s impossible to make money in the home based business industry.

They are the same people who will tell their friends all the reasons why they need to go see the latest movie that hit the theater, or to go eat at the newest restaurant that opened in town.

It’s time for folks to wake up!

Network Marketing is a solid business model that provides ordinary people with an opportunity to make an extraordinary income from the comfort of their own home.

Just like Patti’s fan, if you can open your mouth to share something with the people you know, or the people you know online, you could be just like Patti’s fan too…but get PAID for it.

Haven’t seen the video yet? Watch it here, just a heads up, there is profanity.

The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about. ~ Wayne Dyer

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