Day 20 – Patience is a Business Virtue

31 Days of Dynamic December


“There is much to be learned from those who are persistent, patient and productive.”

Patience in business

Too many aspiring entrepreneurs think like this – I need to make money NOW, I think I will start a business.

One thing people looking to start a business, or venture off into entrepreneurship forget to embrace, is patience. They surf the internet seeking information and are quickly bombarded with numerous adverts suggesting the simplicity of becoming an ‘instant millionaire’.

With a minimum investment, you can launch an online business and have thousands of dollars effortlessly pouring into your bank account within 48hrs…sometimes even less…really?

Of course, it is very possible to make money online quickly. But, let’s not get it confused…if you don’t have MARKETING skills, like most new people don’t, there is a learning curve.

Those who make money that easily usually have an established network of individuals to tap into, an advertising budget to BUY leads, or again…the skill set to make it happen.

If you are fairly new to entrepreneurship, internet or network marketing, be realistic and honest with yourself. You are not going to make thousands a day or a week consistently, until you have developed the mindset and skills needed to succeed in our industry. Period.

A huge part of being an entrepreneur is having patience while being persistent. Take time to train and educate yourself in your area of expertise. I discussed in an earlier post, the value of developing an entrepreneurial mindset…which is more important than anything else if you desire success. Without the proper mindset, you won’t last long.

The road to entrepreneurship is neverending…meaning, you will never stop learning and growing if you are living it full out. When you commit with all that you’ve got, you will be greatly rewarded…over time. You can believe that!

In the meantime, learn to have patience on your journey. Enjoy the process, every step of it. Learn as you go, study, and apply. In your consistent daily efforts, you will soon reap the financial rewards. Just do your part.

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2 thoughts on “Day 20 – Patience is a Business Virtue”

  1. Hey Tamyka,

    Just surfing the web and stumbled upon your blog. Actually I was doing a little research on the Iaso tea and found ya. Nice site. Also, I wanted to concur with you about this article you’ve just written and must agree sis, that you are spot on.

    I see so many entrepreneurs in general that come online and hear about the quick and easy money with little to no work and get caught in the hype. Only days or even weeks later are blindsided by the real truth. It takes preparation, skills, mindset, vison, passion and a burning desire for success to really make it.

    They need to as you say and I agree, just stop and take a minute to educate yourself on what you’re doing or your little internet thing will be short lived. Well, thanks for the awesome inspiration sis and may God bless you and your endeavors.


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