Not Good At Sales

How to Sell When You Are Not Good At Sales


Do you want to start a business but feel like you are not good at sales? You may not think of yourself as a “salesperson”, but really…we all are.

Follow me for a minute…

Have you ever ate at a restaurant and told a friend how amazing the food was?

Did you ever watch a really good movie, then share about it on Facebook?

Ever listen to a deep song and play it for your significant other?

If you said, “yea, I’ve done that”…congratulations, you are good at sales!

What Is Your Perception of Sales?

Most people who think they are not good at sales have had a negative experience at some point in time. That particular event is what forms your belief about selling and sales.

You might have the idea that people in sales are all like the sleazy car salesman who sold your dad a lemon when you were a kid. You remember how angry (and probably embarrassed) your father felt knowing he was duped.

Maybe he often expressed his frustration with the amount of money he had to put into maintaining such a crappy vehicle…all because that car salesman sold it to him. Situations like this impact our own experiences.

No ethical person wants to be seen as a sleazy salesperson…right?

Change Your Thinking About How To Sell

The truth is, you don’t have to sell in a way that makes you feel bad about it. When you change the way you approach sales, with a different thought process, it will become second nature. The same way it is when you excitedly share that binge-worthy series you discovered on Netflix!

If you are wondering how you can sell your products or services, switch up your approach. Stop telling yourself you HAVE to sell and instead ask yourself, how can I share this with people.

Let me give you an example…

I sell different products and services. However, I don’t do sales pitches. My method is rather simple, and comfortable for me. I know that what I offer can add to someone’s life in one way or another. So, I choose to educate in a way that displays value to the people who can benefit the most.

I don’t have to have fake conversations in order to “introduce” my products or services. I use online strategies and tools, and social platforms that allow me to attract people who are interested in what I have. Marketing is the “new”, not-so-new method to selling.

People who don’t want to come off spammy or salesy learn how to use marketing the right way. Obviously, sharing is still a form of selling…just more indirectly. It gives people a non-pushy, not so in your face type of way, to learn more about what you have to sell.

Learn, Adopt and Execute

The entrepreneurs and business owners who are successfully able to sell their products and services realized a few things…

  • They had to develop a mindset and belief that supports their vision for business.
  • They had to learn and adopt certain skill sets that would help them grow both personally and professionally.
  • They had to get over any negative thoughts and fears so that they could have the mental strength to take action…consistently.
  • They had to embrace the fact that excuses and procrastination would never afford them the life they truly desire for themselves.

If you want to start a new business, or continue to grow your current business, you must stop telling yourself that you are not good at sales.

The words you speak and think will block or bless your life and your business. 

Take your business serious by investing in yourself and commit to the learning process. Dedicate yourself to mastering your mindset and your craft. That’s how you sell more and grow a thriving business.


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