Make Money Online – No Selling, No Recruiting

Make Money OnlineThe Internet can appear to be a FRAUD.

Day after day, all you see are tons of ads. All over Facebook, all over Google, on Instagram, everywhere. Promising you can make thousands in cash flow, even residual income following a system. And, I agree…you do need a system in place.

The thing is, lots of people are claiming you don’t have to do any work. Apparently, you can do absolutely nothing and still make a ton of money on the internet…how cool is that!?!

How often have you heard or saw, these kinds of claims?

NO selling, and still make sales.

NO recruiting, and still make sales.

NO talking to people, and still make sales.

NO marketing, and still make sales.

NO experience needed, and still make sales.

If this sounds good to you…let me be the first to bust your bubble by saying…BULL. CRAP.

In reality, most people truly want a legit way to make money online, working from home. Yes, the internet is a great way to do that. For individuals who don’t like selling, they can sign up with a marketing system, that takes the pressure off the sales process, while they learn how to market.

Professional business owners – whether you have a traditional business, service based business, network marketing business or online business, know this…

  • If you want to make money…you are going to have to MARKET SOMETHING.
  • If you want to make money…you are going to have to SELL SOMETHING.
  • If you want to make money…you are going to have to SAY SOMETHING…(to actual people)

When you “bought” into your current job, business or program…you were SOLD to. Like it or not, believe it or not, you were sold a product, or sold an idea, or a dream. If it didn’t seem like it, it’s because the person who sold you did a great job marketing to you.

It’s time to stop deceiving people into believing they can DO nothing in order to GET something. That’s a bold faced LIE.

Then, when those same people you magically got into your business without talking to, selling to, or recruiting, realize they are going to have to do exactly what they believed they would NOT have to do, you can’t get upset when they do NOTHING, leave your business and look for the next opportunity where they don’t have to do ANYTHING.

That is not how to build a long term, sustainable business…no matter what industry.

Doing business online doesn’t mean you don’t do anything. You are posting things on Facebook to attract attention – HELLO, that’s marketing. You are sharing information and screenshots of how much money you made – HELLO, that’s advertising. Each with the hopes of SELLING something or RECRUITING someone.

Wake up people.

If you want to make money online without recruiting, you still have to sell something, a product or service people want and need. The good news is, you can use a marketing system that will automate the sales process so you can earn money. However, you still  have to WORK in order to get people into the system.

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4 thoughts on “Make Money Online – No Selling, No Recruiting”

  1. Carol Dunlop

    Its so funny that you bring up this topic, no selling etc, its the same thing I face in my industry, fitness. Those informercials say no dieting, no exercising, blah blah BUT you will lose weight! REALLY?? Everyone who has actually lost weight knows they have to curtail what they eat and exercise has to be in the picture to be effective. I guess we all face some type of craziness in our industries. Just keep telling the truth, the ones who really want it will really listen.

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