Keep Moving Forward

Why You Have to Keep Moving Forward


No matter what is happening in your life or business, you have to keep moving forward. Yes, sometimes that can be hard. However, it’s important to do for many reasons.

Imagine this…

You started a business because you were tired of working at a job that robbed you of your passions. You showed up everyday, performed your work, and left at the end of the day feeling unfulfilled.

You are fed up, frustrated and exhausted from the dreadful routine. But now, that new business has ignited that fire within you once again. You’re happy doing what you enjoy (even if it is only in your spare time).

The point is, you do it because pursuing your passion has given you a sense of purpose. You begin to envision yourself working your business full-time and having more freedom.

What happens when you do NOT see the results you hoped for?

Typically, this happens to every entrepreneur. It’s also when you have a decision to make…give up and throw in the towel, or…keep moving forward.

Sadly, many people choose to give up because they can’t see past this phase. At this point, fear and doubt crept in and have taken over.

Choose to Keep Moving Forward…

Instead of giving up, keep doing what you KNOW you need to do. Put in work and take action even if you aren’t seeing results…yet. Do what is required on a consistent basis.

What you sow, you will reap. Whatever you give your time and positive energy to will eventually produce a desired outcome.

We are taught to focus on setting and working toward certain goals that will deliver a specific outcome. However, what I have found is that focusing on behavioral goals create long term habits.

What are behavioral goals?

Well, behavioral goals isolate your actions from outside influence. Unlike an outcome goal which is when you focus on the results. For example, a sales professional may have an outcome goal of acquiring five new clients each month.

Commit to focusing on the daily activities that will produce results.

If you want to experience success in your business, you must be willing to keep moving forward. Don’t believe the hype and think you will be able to quit your job in 90 days. A business takes time to grow, and compensation for work is not guaranteed like a traditional job.

Will You Commit?

Know that you will work harder for yourself than you have for anyone else. You must learn and develop certain skills that will strengthen your mindset. Understand that you have to grow thick skin and keep your feelings in check.

Do you have the ability to think quick on your toes?

Can you create solutions out of thin air?

Are you able to generate cash flow on demand?

These are some of the skills of a business owner. Those who believe in their dreams and understand the value in developing their entrepreneurial talents. It’s key to continuous growth and mastery.

What about you?

Will you fold when the hand you were dealt gets too tough? If things don’t “work” quick enough, will you quit? Or, will you fully embrace the journey and commit to the process?

If you have a vision for yourself, your family, and your future…the only way to attain what you desire is to keep moving forward…no matter what.


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