Get Free Leads Online For Your Home Business

Get Free Leads Online For Your Home Business

Do you want to get free leads online so you can grow your business from home?

Have you been looking for an easier way to get interested people contacting you?

If you apply this method, and implement the 4 step process I’m sharing with you in this post, you’ll be able to automate and increase the amount of leads and sales coming into your business.

The best part is, once you set this up, it will work for you around the clock.

What You Need to Get Started

Let’s be clear, if you are serious about building your business online, there are certain tools you will need to invest in to grow your business. If you are actively working your business, these tools will quickly start paying for themselves.

An Email Service Provider
If you aren’t building an email list to collect leads for your home business, you’ll definitely need to get one set up. As you start to get free leads, this will be the place you store them.

Your email list will also be how you are able to stay in touch with your new contacts, and build trust with them. Building your email list is how you will grow your business online.

Being able to send an automated, pre-written message that your new subscribers receive instantly, is a powerful way to begin strengthening the relationship. It’s also an effective way to passively introduce them to your product or service while their attention is still high.

A Lead Capture Page
Once you have your email list set up, the next thing you will need is a lead capture page. This is where you will send people to sign up to get on your list.

Your lead capture page is usually the first place people will be introduced to your product, brand or service. To get free leads with your landing page, it has to be very clear to visitors what you are offering.

The content on the page should speak exclusively to your target, or niche market. Design is a big deal to assure more conversions, but the message is even more important. The key is to make it so compelling, the only logical step is to signup and receive what you have for them.

Even if you are not a techie person, you can still create a beautiful, highly converting page with an easy to use platform like MailMunch. If you are more advanced a platform like Simvoly would be more your speed.

Either way, you will be able to integrate your landing page with your email service. The free leads you get from visitors to your page who opt-in, will go right onto your email list.

A Free Offer
So, what exactly would make someone want to sign up to your list once they visit your landing page?

To get something they want for free of course!

But, not just any free offer. Your target offer must capture the attention of your ideal customer or client.

What is something you can create in exchange for their email address? A PDF, video or audio, an eCourse or checklist all make great lead magnets.

Let’s say for instance, you have a health product that you sell which helps people lose weight. To get free leads, your offer should compliment the product you are selling.

It could be a PDF sharing “5 secrets to lose weight fast” or, a video demonstrating the best workouts to shed pounds.

Get creative, and give your people what they want.

Choose a Marketing Strategy
Your next step is promoting your offer to the world! What method you choose to use is up to you. Pick one or two (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and be consistent with it.

Before you can effectively use social media to market your business online, you need to know how you are going to attract, engage, educate, and inspire your ideal audience.

  • Are you developing content with a clear purpose and intent?
  • Does your content provide value and helpful solutions?
  • Is your content effective in helping prospects take an action?
  • Does your content resonate with your audience?

If you don’t have a plan for what you are going to share to attract people to your offer, you’ll be spending a whole lot of time posting “stuff” that doesn’t get the results you want.

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