Are You Prepared for the Economic Shift?

Let’s be real…many jobs are being phased out. Employees are being replaced by A.I. (artificial intelligence) and automation. You may think your job is safe, and it very well may be, for now.

But what about your kids?

Take McDonald’s for instance…they are revamping their customer experience by eliminating human interaction.

Will fast food jobs, those typically suited for teens or young adults, still be available in the next 3-5 years?

Times are changing.

The gig economy is booming.

Home food deliveries are on the rise.

Less people are needed in the office.

Zoom meetings are no longer weird.

Schooling has gone virtual.

At this point, if you can’t see by now how this “new” industry is taking over, you are purposefully ignoring what’s going on.

If all is changing, the inevitable is truth, you must adapt to the way you make a living.

Of course, you can continue to do what you’ve always done.

Most people will go on, believing their jobs are safe. That’s fine. However, if someone else (Employer) controls your pay…and has the power to take food off your table, you need to rethink your worth.

If you have one source of income that you only earn when and if you show up…you are putting yourself in a risky predicament.

We aren’t living in “back in the day” times. This is real…RE-AL-IT-Y.

Times have changed. Companies are quietly making decisions that benefit their bottom line. Choices that are in their best interest.

You better believe you will be the last to know.

If your only livable wage is by way of an employer, you are at risk. If you are not doing something to create your own income, you are at risk.

You owe it to yourself and your family to explore other options to create additional income and not keep all your eggs in one basket. Start doing something now rather than later. It’s better to be prepared time ahead.

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