Creating Abundance in Life and Business

creating abundanceI often see people on Facebook post about creating abundance.

As I continue to grow and learn on my life journey, it is something I strive to attain as well.

But what does that mean really?

For me, creating abundance means much more than having money or wealth.

It is a way of life in which I believe, we are all designed to live (entrepreneur or not).

Abundance is defined as: plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity.

Speaking as an entrepreneur, because it’s who I am..I strongly feel that before we can receive an abundance of wealth in our business…we first have to believe we not only will have it, but we deserve it.

Therefore, you’ve got to change your way of thinking. You’ve got to learn to develop a positive mindset.

How do you do that?

Well, it’s simple…you release all things negative from your life.

Negative thoughts, negative ideas, negative words, negative people, negative places…everything that is not in direct alignment with who you are, or whatever goes against your values and beliefs.

It’s sounds simple…yeah I know, but it’s not as easy as that.

You see it is something that takes time to develop because you have to retrain your mind to think a different way. Over the course of our lives, many of us have learned to respond to challenges and unpleasant life situations, in a negative way. Naturally, it will take time for you to relearn different behaviors.

The most challenging part to creating abundance is learning to release negativity.

But, think about this…once you release that negative thinking and speaking…you are able to experience clarity in your mind. And when your mind is clear, you can see ahead of you, and are better able to recognize the next steps you should be taking.

There won’t be anymore junk distorting your thinking, so you are able to actually DO MORE of the productive activities in your business, that allow you to move forward.

Hear this…

Once you start doing more…what do you think happens? start to RECEIVE MORE.

More clarity because things are flowing and make sense.

More confidence because you are attracting the right clients and customers.

More money because your business is growing.

You are generating more traffic to your blog, and more subscribers to your list. As all of this takes place, your focus increases and your are establishing a more solid business model.

When you release negativity, you are able to do more, which allows you to receive more, and then…

You are able to GIVE MORE.

Now, isn’t that what you really want to do in your business anyway?

Give more by impacting the lives of others? Give more by providing a better quality of life to our children? Give more by being able to support a cause that mean the most to you? Give more by imparting knowledge and wisdom into those who are in need?

Do you see how changing and mastering your mindset, along with building new beliefs, can literally change your entire life?

Seriously, think about this for a minute.

What would your life look like if you spent the next 30 days eliminating negative thoughts from your mind, and getting rid of negative self talk?

Do you think your life and business would change?

My friend, if you are dedicated to creating abundance, it all begins with you.



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