Building Your Personal Brand & Content Creation

It is beyond clear that we are in full fledged, Digital Mode. Everyone and their mama is a content creator now. With platforms like IG and Facebook encouraging folks to post reels to earn pay, it makes sense.

However, not everyone is creating content to build a reputable business. Those like you and I, can sometimes get ‘lost in the sauce’ for not doing the most to get noticed (if you know what I mean).

In our case, it is important to not only create content, but build a personal brand that will last well beyond whatever is currently trending on Tik Tok.

Personal Branding & Your Voice

Let me be real…I been around these internet streets for a minute. Back in 2009, I got serious about building a business online. I launched my second brand, TheCEOMamma (the first isn’t even worth mentioning).

A few years later, I sold that brand and birthed, Marketing Her Way. As I grew personally and my business evolved, I eventually let that brand go as well. I decided it was time to brand myself alongside my current brand, the Life Freedom Lifestyle.

Can you see a pattern?

The one thing that has remained consistent is my dedication and commitment to serving women and moms, by helping them build a business and earn income online.

The point is…building your personal brand is what allows you to use your voice to create and share content, to attract and engage with your people…a.k.a your niche audience.

The second takeaway is, consistency.

Although my brands and business endeavors may have shifted over the years, my voice has never changed. My people are still my people. AND, I definitely have some OG’s who have been with me and supporting me from the very beginning.

It doesn’t matter how many people, “do what you do” or offer what you sell. What matters is that your voice, does not sound like everyone else. Meaning…you know who you are, you stay true to yourself and you operate with vision and purpose.

No matter what platform you choose, the same rules apply. The only way you stand out is to be your true authentic self and stay consistent.

If you are unsure about how to grow your personal brand and need clarity, check out our partner resource, The Complete Guide to Personal Branding. This course takes you on a journey through the branding process and will teach you what you need to do, to own a successful personal brand and business online.





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