Affordable Healthcare Benefits for Everyone

Are you an entrepreneur who can’t afford health insurance?

Are you concerned because your family, or loved ones are uninsured or under-insured?

Many Americans are discovering they simply cannot afford insurance. Because of this, the search for new ways to save on healthcare is on the rise.

Did you know you can save time and money with access to affordable healthcare products and services, including dental, prescription drugs, telemedicine, chiropractic, eye care, hearing, laboratory services and more?



Learn how to save with discount healthcare

Whether you have no insurance, limited insurance or full health insurance that does not cover all your healthcare needs, you can save money with one of the affordable healthcare discount plans through AmeriPlan.

What Members Are Saying…

My wife’s doctor changed her Diabetic prescription. Her bill would have been $44. with AmeriPlan she paid $6.Love AmeriPlan! Patrick H.

Thanks to AmeriPlan, I was relieved of almost $7,000 in hospital bills. When I went to the ER for my shoulder back in August I received exams, x-rays, and an MRI totally almost $7,000! I called the Medical Advocate with my AmeriPlan coverage and they started the process. Salem Hospital dropped the ball numerous times, they took 4 months to process my paperwork and even sent me to collections (even though THEY had not processed my paperwork!) But the Medical Advocate did all that I expected and managed to get my ER visit covered 100%! I did not have to pay a penny! NOT A SINGLE PENNY! AmeriPlans products and services are amazing; the medical advocate at Karis Group, Elyse, was easy to work with and kept in regular contact. Two thumbs up! Jessica B.

I was so excited to save money on my son’s braces. My in network Orthodontist was able to coordinate with my Cigna which gave me $1000, and AmeriPlan was able to add an additional $1300 for a grand total of $2300 off of my $4500 braces expenses! YEAH! Laurie K.

If you or someone you know could benefit from saving money on dental or medical, find out how to save with discount healthcare now.


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  1. Stephanie Morris

    Awesome information. Now that I moved to North Carolina free health care is non existent. I am going to need extra discounts.

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