6 Success Habits of a Business Blogger

Blog for BusinessEntrepreneurs and small business owners who are creating their brand online, know that blogging for business is in fact, serious business. There are a number of things that set a business blogger apart from the average blogger, with one recognizable difference being that the business blogger’s BLOG, is a business of its own.

Here are 6 Success Habits of a Business Blogger

They have a plan and they know how to execute it. Serious business bloggers don’t do things at random or on the whim, blogging is a fundamental part of their business strategy and recognized as a highly effective marketing tool.

Therefore, nothing about blogging for them can be just thrown up on a blog and calling it a day for the sake of publishing content. Prior to production, the business blogger has created a plan of action, one that has a purpose behind the content and actionable steps to push the content out, along with a goal.

Business bloggers have a solid strategy. To go along with the plan and purpose of their blog, the business blogger has designed a strategy, that brings the two components together. They have a clear process and system for every aspect of the blog.

Content is created to match a deeper marketing strategy that attracts and leads the reader, to a specific conversion. They abide by a strategic structure that brings a consumer effortlessly, through each step of the system and ultimately to the desired destination.

They are forward thinkers. The average blogger thinks about today’s post or maybe even tomorrow, but the business blogger is thinking much further ahead. They take time chart the expected course of growth over an extended period of time, based on specific goals and topic focus.

Business bloggers understand that long term relationship development, far out weighs a one time promotional sale or immediate spike of traffic generation.

Value quality over quantity. One of the highest priorities for a business blogger is to establish a credible brand for their business and in order to do that, the content they deliver must meet their greatest expectations of quality. After all, their reputation is on the line.

Quality, informative and educational content is what inspires and motivates readers to share what they’ve read with their networks which benefits the business blogger by leveraging their promotional efforts. Delivering quality is a win-win for everyone.

Their goal is to educate readers. Most bloggers write to share their thoughts or opinions about a particular topic or subject of interest. Though a business blogger does the same, they add an additional element – education.

Any blogger can share their opinion but blogging for your business entails a deeper level of understanding surrounding your brand, in relation to your market. It is one thing to share knowledge, but taking it up a notch and educating consumers helps the business blogger stand out as an authority in their industry.

Tracks results and makes adjustments. An important part of being a business blogger is knowing what is working and what is not. Being aware of how traffic flows to the blog, what keywords are generating leads and what content is better at conversion is all a part of operating a business blog.

The business blogger is a calculated risk taker and has the tenacity to achieve their desired results even if it means learning how to monitor metrics and track and tweak, until it is right.

For the serious online small business owner, blogging is an intricate part of building a viable and profitable business online. Discover how you can become a business blogger and start building a credible brand and social influence.


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14 thoughts on “6 Success Habits of a Business Blogger”

  1. Srinivas Reddy

    Very inspiring post, Tamyka. I started as an average blogger and have now matured into a business blogger. And as a business blogger, I’d say that you make excellent points here. Indeed blogging is serious business. 🙂

  2. Donna Marie Johnson

    I have consistently fallen short on the last one AND am creating a plan to make that a non-issue via having more help for my business. I really am glad that you included that here because I needed to be reminded that it will be part of my assistant’s job description. Then there will be no more dreading following the stats, since I’ll have help and accountability.

    1. That’s great to hear Donna, for a while I didn’t track stats either but when I did…I was able to make changes as needed, really see what topics were intriguing my readers, see where conversion wasn’t doing so well so I could tweak things! Let me know how it works out for you and your results.

  3. Vatsala Shukla

    A good business blog can help drive potential and qualified prospects to the business in a way that paid advertising cannot – and it is more cost effective. 🙂

    It is also a great way to show visitors the real you and who they would be working with, if they choose to take things a step further.

    Metrics often reveal a lot more about the visitor than one would think. A post that may not have seemed important for the marketing strategy may turn out to be an evergreen favorite and give insights for business course correction.

    1. You touched on some really valuable points Vatsala. I can definitely agree that some posts I’ve written, to my surprise, still generate lots of readers even years later. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have hit the nail on the head Tamyka. You are really true and the value you have put up is really incredible.

    Blogging is an art. It is definitely a calculated risk but when done strategically then there is no involvement of risk at all. I would give a trick here on how I do it. Just one trick. Allow me to mention it here Tamyka.

    Most bloggers do blog and want to get traffic and here is one way of getting it through SEO. Most of bloggers, 98% of them will go for high target and high yield keywords but I teach and personally go for low end keywords which has low search volume and then rise gradually with the moderate search keywords and then by the time I am already ranking for low searched terms, it becomes easy to rank for high search terms.

    Moreover the thing to keep in mind is you are not ranking your blog but you should rank your post.

    Well, this is just one strategy out of many and I would want to thank Tamyka on putting up this post which is really useful for many beginners.

  5. jd quinitchette

    Tamyka, I prefer your business style! Sometimes informal is just too informal, especially when you are attempting to convince people to make such a drastic change in their lives as working from home. I want to give my sista some feedback on her HO, but does she really wanna hear that it was so much like a houseparty that I bailed before she really got into what she was tryna TELL me? She needs to say or do something in the first thirty seconds that makes me think I can put some cash in mah pocket if I listen, like you do! I actually have a notion to use this post as a template. I’d like to turn it into an infographic, since that’s part of my skillset. May I have your permission to do so? I know that sooner or later, the information in this post WILL TURN INTO MONEY IN MY WALLET.

    I’ve got ten or twelve videos that pertain directly to marketing on G+ that I need to look at. I bumped hers up the food chain because YOU never let me down! She needs to edit that thing to get rid of the backstage stuff. People who wanna work from home don’t need to see you fumbling. They need to think that you’ve got it packaged for consumption. They need to think you are an expert. The fumbling and the funny glasses destroy this lady’s credibility off the break. You tell her. I know she has a message I need to hear, but time is too precious for me to sit through stuff I do with my OWN broke ass family to hear it!

    Maybe show her this post and explain that the first time people see you in a business setting, you probably should not already be hanging from the chandelier. Have a good day.

    1. Hey JD, thanks for sharing your feedback! We each have our own personalities and styles of doing business, which makes us all unique! It’s okay you weren’t “feelin” her…you connect with who you connect with. I’m laid back (informal) in business too, but I do like to get straight to the point as well because I been in this game long enough to know, that’s what people want! You are more than welcome to use my post as a template…a shout out would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to share!

      1. Hey Tamyka! Don’t get me wrong. That girl seems like a lot of fun! She may have some business acumen that I NEED. I feel her, but I need her to be just a bit more straightforward about what she has to offer me and why I should listen to her. I’m not judging her personally. I’d love to go out clubbing with her! I wish she had put the fun stuff at the end of the video. I can’t recall her name or what she was marketing. That’s just not good.

        1. Oh no, I totally get where you’re coming from and know you weren’t judging her personally. You’re right, if you couldn’t remember what she did or offers, that’s not a good thing!

  6. Salomae Muhammad

    Thank you for sharing this. I have recently decided to venture into blogging as part of promoting my business, but didn’t know much about how to go about it. This has helped a lot!

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