Let's LeverageYou know what drives me crazy?

Being an entrepreneur, and still having people tell you how to be an entrepreneur. I get it though…if you’ve found a successful way to do business, you want to share that (or sell it), to others on the same pursuit.

The problem I have is when people try to convince you that their way of “being an entrepreneur”, is the right way, or the only way to achieve success.


Entrepreneurship is FREEDOM…many of us left corporate positions, or chose this path so we could express ourselves the way we know how, the way that is natural to us, the way we feel most comfortable.

When did we start allowing others to put us in an entrepreneurial box?

When did there become RULES to how to be US?

As I train entrepreneurs in their endeavors, my only ‘requirement’ is that they define who they are, identify their strengths and gifts, so we can work together to develop those skills, and leverage what they already have. There is no right or wrong way to operate as an entrepreneur.

Each of us, has within us…the WHAT. We know what we want to do, we know what we are passionate about, we know what we are meant to do (for the most part). However, we get tripped up and paralyzed when we are to focused on trying to figure out the HOW.

How am I going to do this?

How am I going to find the time?

How am I going to get the resources I need?

Listen, when you stop concerning yourself with the HOW, and put your intention on doing the WHAT…the how will become known.

What Does It Take To Stop Worrying About The HOW?

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You Have the What, Don’t Worry About the How

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