Marketing Her Way Women in Business - Claudia Samuels NewtonName: Claudia Samuels Newton

Company/Business: Rewarding Career and Resume Services

Year Started: 1990

I am a: Woman Entrepreneur

Tell us about yourself: I like to introduce myself primarily as the founder of  Rewarding Resume Services dba Rewarding Career and Resume Services. My mission is “bringing out” the employment qualifications and achievements of individuals in a way which will market them as proven contributors and promising assets deserving of interviews.

I hold a Masters of Management in Human Resource Management degree and a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration. I am also the author of three career publications: (1) Career Wonders and Blunders: If I Knew Then, What I Know Now (2) Interview Wonders and Blunders: What Not To Do If You Want To Get Hired (3) Resume Wonders and Blunders: How To Knock Out the Competition and Get Your Resume Selected.

Throughout the years, I have held diverse management positions with several corporate giants. I also serve as an Adjunct Professor to undergraduate students teaching communication and career development courses at the University of Phoenix. As a seasoned writer, I provide professional resume writing service to hundreds of satisfied customers regardless of geographic location ranging from blue collar workers and entry level students to politicians and CEOs.

I have had appearances on local TV and have spoken on radio as well. With a strong belief in individual ability and potential, I reiterate to my audience that everyone at some time in their life has made some noteworthy achievement or contributions in their respective places of employment.

My philosophy is that a resume should use these achievements to prepare the individual for climbing to the next rung, or in some cases make gigantic leaps on the career ladder of success.

Tell us about your business: As a professional career development service based in Columbia, South Carolina, I serve job seekers throughout the entire United States. I am a strategist who provides each and every client with a unique level of personalized attention, using a customized approach.

As an expert career services professional, I provide clients with a powerful achievement-based marketing tool that commands immediate interviews. I have also written 3 books (2 of which are currently on Amazon) to help clients in advancing their careers. My books are excellent resources for individuals who are just entering the workforce but can also serve as a refresher for seasoned workers.

What inspired you to start your business? Since the early years of grade school, my teachers always pointed me out as an excellent writer. Fast forward to post high school, I landed my first “real” job in New York city by writing and then typing my own resume on an old typewriter. Anyone remembers those? I vividly recall the interviewer giving me high accolades on the content of my resume.

Subsequently, I started doing resumes for family members and friends who also got rave reviews on my work. Given the excellent feedback and the joy I derived from these outcomes, I launched Candees Resume Service in Newark, NJ which later became Rewarding Resume Services when I moved to the south in 2002.

What is your favorite quote or saying? It is a tie between these two: 1. “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well” ~~Old Proverb 2. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” ~~Lao Tzu

What is ONE business goal you are currently working on achieving? While, I have a global outreach, I am currently working on establishing myself as South Carolina’s career expert.

What was a challenge you faced in your business and how did you overcame it? One challenge I still currently face is marketing my two recently published career-related books to universities and employment agencies. I am steadily working on this by doing at least one thing towards this goal every week of the year. For example, I intend to frequent Expos and career development events on an ongoing basis. I also will be dealing directly with career professionals all over the United States and beyond!

What would you say contributes to your success? My strong belief in my ability to make a difference in lives contributes immensely to my success. I get great pleasure when my client aspiring to be a college president calls to let me know “my resume” got them that interview. I am passionate about what I do and I have a genuine desire to help others. I believe I have a natural God-given talent in writing resumes and it is my strong desire to assist others to achieve their career goals.

What advice would you give an aspiring woman entrepreneur? Do not give up. If you believe in your mission, product, and/or service, just keep forging ahead. Don’t let a main (day) job hinder your creative juices. Work twice as hard on your business. Do something towards your goals every day. Give your business 110%. One day, your work will pay off and you will be proud you didn’t fold.

Are there any projects you are currently working on? I am not currently working on any new projects unless you count pursuing certification as a Career Coach as a project. I have registered for Career Development Facilitator training and am pretty excited about that. After that training, I will be pursuing certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator.

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Women in Business – Claudia Samuels Newton

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