Total Life Changes - TamykaWashington.comOver the past few months, many of my email subscribers and followers have reached out to ask me, why I chose Total Life Changes. I’ve also been asked, what is it about this particular company, that has myself, along with so many others, so excited..

To be completely honest, I wasn’t looking for a business to join. In fact, I ignored the first offer when it was presented to me.

However, a few months later…I was given another chance to make the decision.

In this post, I will do my best to explain from my point of view, and personal experience.

Reason #1

The products are all natural, organic and reasonably priced. When I decided to purchase the flagship product, Iaso Tea, I had just celebrated my birthday, and made a commitment to myself, to take better care of my overall health.

I was first introduced to the detox tea a few months prior, by a good friend. So, now that I was ready, and wanted a gentle, and natural way to detox, this was my choice. I did my research, heard amazing testimonies, and almost placed my orderbefore I heard about the business opportunity…

Reason #2

During my research, I came across an article that talked about how easy it was to get started in the business. Though I wasn’t actively looking for an opportunity (I was already in another home based business), I like to keep my mind and options open.

Once I heard I could get started in Total Life Changes for as little as $45 – the same cost of the tea I was getting ready to order, I immediately recognized the value of securing my position as a Representative with the company.

For the same cost of the tea, as a customer…I could become an independent business owner, and…if I liked the tea and got results, I would be able to start sharing it with others, and earn a commission. Clearly, a no brainer.

Reason #3

Upon learning this interesting piece of information, I had to explore the compensation plan further. What I discovered was there are 5 ways to make money with Total Life Changes. The first 2 really caught my attention because I immediately saw how easy it was to earn income right away in this business.

First, we earn a generous, 50% commission on the retail value of all of the products. The second way, is earning a 50% commission through the fast-start bonus, from anyone we personally enroll in the business.

Just to earn these 2 avenues of income, you only have to be active with a minimum product purchase of $45 (again, the cost of the tea that I was going to purchase anyway!)

So, YES…that is why I chose Total Life Changes!

Reason #4

After nearly 2 months of joining, I finally decided to make TLC my primary business.


Well, first..I had my own testimony of personal results. Second, with very minimal effort, and time invested, (I was building another home based business, and consulting while working from home with six kids), in that time, I had earned enough money to cover a couple of bills. It’s really a simple business model, with products I can stand behind because they truly work!

I knew with more focus and attention, I could make some serious income in a short period of time. I let go of the other business I was involved with, shut down my consulting for a while…and dedicated all my energy into, Total Life Changes! That was the beginning of October 2014!

Reason #5

The main reason why I not only chose Total Life Changes, but have made my home here, is the fact that it is in complete alignment with my passion and life purpose. It is my mission to assist women and moms, who have the desire to create freedom in their life and finances.

I believe that every woman, who has a desire for entrepreneurship, should be able to step boldly into her calling, be able to pursue her passions, live her purpose, and know how to make a living for herself and her family, doing what she loves!

Total Life Changes is one vehicle, and method I’m able to use to mentor, coach and train others on how to take the leading role in their own success, through personal, and entrepreneurial development.

Because of how our compensation plan is designed, it is easy for me to be able to teach those I coach, how to make money working from home with Total Life Changes, in no time at all!

I’ve been able to combine my passion to mentor others, and my love for the network marketing industry, into an amazing business model that is not only changing my life, but those who made the decision to say, YES!

My 5 Reasons Why I Chose Total Life Changes

So, there it is…now you know!

If you are reading this, and you have been hearing about Total Life Changes, seeing it all over social media and been wondering what it’s all about…

Or, if you have been thinking about a home based business, a way to supplement your income, or start taking better care of your health, I encourage you to contact me, learn about the opportunity, and check out our Iaso product line.

If you are ready to experience Total Life Changes for yourself, and  get started with me, I would be honored to welcome you to, Team Life Freedom!


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Why I Chose Total Life Changes

3 thoughts on “Why I Chose Total Life Changes

  • 03/16/2017 at 11:50 AM

    Hi Tamyka! Thanks for sharing your choices and descisons. Was able to benefit from it. Also wondering about the Resolution drops I just ordered them along w nutraburst and iaso tea waiting for my shipment …. wondering if you do know or can help by telling me if the warning label on gnc HCG drops are the same/similar to the resolution drops. The label notes on GNC HCG it may cause birth defects. Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond.

    • 03/16/2017 at 12:56 PM

      Hi Melissa, glad you were able to benefit from my post! The Resolution Drops do not contain a warning label regarding birth defects as they are not hormone based like HCG. Hope that helps and best wishes to you on your healthy journey!

      • 03/16/2017 at 2:08 PM

        Thank you!!! All the best to you too!


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