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To many service based entrepreneurs are all over the place when it comes to the services they offer in their business. “Doing it All”, doesn’t mean you will earn more money. What that really means is you are burnt out and overworked, (or soon will be) because you are attempting to build a “people-pleasing” business.

Believe me, I get it…you want to serve the masses, you want to help as many people as possible. But let me ask you this – how is trying to be ALL things to everybody, really working for you right now?

Honestly, do you feel fulfilled in your business or are you stressed because of the amount of work you have on your plate? Don’t get me wrong, work is good because that means money, but are you doing the kind of work you want to be doing?
Here’s the real deal…

If you are trying to do it all…I can almost guarantee, you are working harder than your peers and you aren’t even making close to the kind of money that is matching your efforts.

If you aren’t operating your business in alignment with your true authentic passion, eventually, you are going to throw in the towel because in order to make money, you will have to continue to appease the masses instead of being able to passionately, work your specialty.

What does that mean?

When you are so busy trying to be a “Super Business Woman” to everyone, you are unable to focus on your specialty – the area of expertise in which you love. If you can’t focus on it, you can’t master it, if you can’t master it, you won’t be able to serve at your level of excellence.

That’s why it’s important for you to have a specialty. If you are unsure about what that means for you, start by thinking about what is it that you are passionate about. What do people always ask your advice about?

I love all things Social Media, however…I’m most passionate about business blogging, so that is my specialty. It is the area of Social Media that I have chosen to focus on the most because it is what I love doing, it’s working for my business and that is what the majority of my clients come to me for, to learn.

Now, just because you specialize in ONE thing, does not mean you have to let go or give up the areas where you are also gifted, that’s not what I’m saying. As an online business professional, you have to do what will benefit your market the most and what makes sense for them.

Be clear on your ONE specialty so it becomes a breeze for you to attract your perfect clients and customers, while making it easy for them to identify YOU, as the one with the solution to their problem.

When you are intentional with how you operate your business and remain aligned with your passion, it becomes much easier for you to market yourself and your services to those YOU WANT to serve and work with.

Take back control and REshift your focus before you lose your passion and the desire to build a thriving business.

What is your specialty? Share in the comments below:

What is Your Specialty?

10 thoughts on “What is Your Specialty?

  • 04/15/2012 at 9:55 PM

    So true, Tamyka! Aligning with your passions is so important! My specialty is helping people learn how to create brand images that get noticed. I am passionate about the graphic arts and communicating through that medium.

  • 04/17/2012 at 11:31 AM

    Excellent Tamyka! Specializing in your one thing will position you as the expert. I love seeing your passion for blogging for business! With all the great information you invest in your audience it is obvious that you are working in your passion.  

  • 05/03/2012 at 12:25 AM

    I agree!  Having clarity provides a tremendous amount of freedom — even the freedom to say No!

  • 05/20/2013 at 8:50 PM

    I help women over 40 that are not quite satisfied with their lives. I am The Stress Recovery Lady that leads women through self-help books and laughter to de-stress.


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