[PODCAST #2] Work at Home Jobs for Women, Finding the Ones That Pay

Marketing Her Way Podcast Show Guest LaToya Gay


Are you looking for a work at home job?

Do you wonder if there are really legit work at home jobs that pay?

If you would like to learn how to you can work from home and earn an income, listen to my interview with LaToya Gay.

About the Show

The Marketing Her Way podcast is a bi-weekly show, hosted by Tamyka Washington. It was created for aspiring women and mom entrepreneurs and designed to help them discover how to become savvy women in business and learn how to use online marketing to get results.

Becoming An Intuitive Risk Taker

In 2002, I made a decision to do something drastic. A decision that would change my life forever. The reason why is because I had become tired. Tired of my life and the way I was living. I was doing things that made the people around me comfortable. I was living life…(that’s what “they” called it) being a mom, going to work, coming home taking care of the house…you know the drill.

All while silently suffering with depression and secretly hating my life. Why? Because I was miserable. I wasn’t living, I was doing “what I was supposed to do.” All the while, I wondered if this was it. If what I was doing, was what I was supposed to do for the next 50 or 60 years of my life.

Is Working From Home the Right Move For You?

Work at Home Tamyka WashingtonNo matter what the reason is for wanting to work from home, there are a few important things you should determine before you ditch the day job. Naturally, the first thing you want to consider is whether or not working from home is even the right decision for you.

The idea alone makes so many of us feel all warm and fuzzy inside as we envision the idea of plopping down in front of the computer at noon time, still in our pajamas and checking email as the fruit of our effortless labor pours on in. If you ask me, or any of my work from home peers, you will find this is FAR FROM our reality.

Tamyka Washington – Assisting Passionate Women Entrepreneurs

Tamyka Washington – Assisting Passionate Women Entrepreneurs
Tamyka Washington - Assisting Passionate Women Entrepreneurs

Assisting passionate women entrepreneurs leverage the internet to build their business, brand and blog.

My goal is to inspire change in the lives of passionate women entrepreneurs – by helping  them embrace their dreams and transform their beliefs.

Is that you?

If so…let me introduce, and encourage you, as you begin to adopt Life Freedom Lifestyle. You will discover the value of being  authentic to who you are, what you believe, what you love, and how you can create the life you desire…as you pursue your passions through entrepreneurship.

The mission is to create a relatable experience for you, through connection within the community. That is through our private group, social networks, and blog content. The more passionate women entrepreneurs we can reach, the more we can help them to embrace the Life Freedom Lifestyle as the answer.