When Entrepreneurs Get Asked, “What Do You Do?”

What Do You Do?I chat regularly with entrepreneurs who have multiple “things” going on, or more than one stream of income. I also hear, how for the most part, they are  sometimes unsure about what to say when people ask that one question….“so, what do you do?”

Let me first say this, when people ask me what I do, it’s hard for me to give a formal, normal title to sum it up. I could say – Marketing Consultant…but thing is, I do so much more than that. Truth be told, I DO quite a few things…when I wrap it all up, I say…I help people create Life Freedom!

Because technically, that’s what I do!

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Learning From Your Setbacks

Learning From Your SetbacksHow many setbacks have you experienced on your entrepreneurial journey?

My guess is many…

The truth of the matter is, we all have them. Each of us goes through hard times in our lives, which affects our business.

Believe me, I’m no stranger to setbacks.

I think sometimes we have a tendency to look at other people, and only see the ‘good’. We see their success, we see their growth, we see their happiness and see them living a freedom lifestyle…but, rarely do we see the struggle that came before all of that.

We don’t know the back story of where they really came from.

Branding And Marketing Yourself Online

So many people talk about what they want…Happy Woman

They want financial freedom.

They want their time back.

They want to quit their dead end job.

They want to be home to raise their kids.

They want to live a life free of stress, debt and overwhelm.

What happens next?

They turn to the internet looking for answers on how to achieve the new American Dream…Internet Entrepreneurship. They ‘catch the vision’ as they stumble upon the top leaders in the industry and big time gurus. Those 6 and 7 figure internet income earners.


You start to think, “if I just do what they do…”

Women In Business – Angela King

Marketing Her Way Women In Business - Angela KingName: Angela King

Company/Business: Angela Dezign’s Salon at Grant Park

Year Started: 1996

Website: www.angeladezign.com

I am a: Mom Entrepreneur

Tell us about yourself: I am a Licensed hairstylist of 18 years. I have a passion for the art of hair. I love people as well. I believe that you genuinely have to love what you do and the people you encounter as a result of that. My most profound moments have been with cancer survivors.

Tell us about your business: I am a Signature Hairstylist that can style any hair textures. Specialize in Hair Extensions, Natural Hair, Conditioning Relaxers, Moisturizing Hair Color. Trend Setting Hair Cuts.

Women In Business – Sherrell Martin

Marketing Her Way Featured Women In Business - Sherrell MartinName: Sherrell Martin

Company/Business: Empower 2 Thrive, LLC

Year Started: 2009

Website: www.Empower2thrive.com

I am a: Mom Entrepreneur

Tell us about yourself: I am the founder and CEO of Empower 2 Thrive, LLC. I am a dreamer, always have been. So when things started happening that allowed me to go after my dreams I went for it. After working in private industry and corporate America for 15 years I took a leap of faith and started my own business. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired; tired of working long hours, not seeing my kids and not being recognized for the value I added. I have an amazingly wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters who are my reason for doing what I’m doing and why I push so hard.

Women In Business – LaToya Gay

Marketing Her Way Women In Business - LaToya GayName: LaToya Gay

Company/Business: LaToya Gay

Year Started: 2012

Website: www.virtuallynsync.net

I am a: Mom Entrepreneur

Tell us about yourself: I am a 30 year old wife of 6 years and mother of 3 beautiful children. Our family currently reside in Richmond, VA where we are saving to buy our first house and are living the life we truly love.

Tell us about your business: VirtuallyNSync, LLC, is a virtual assistant agency that was founded in November 2012 and was birthed to assist executive level entrepreneurs with their daily business needs by providing full virtual assistance services. Team N’ Sync is a virtual assistant team who services executive level entrepreneurs.

Is Network Marketing For You?

Women in Network Marketing IndustryYou’ve heard it before, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, MLM, Opportunity…Scam, Pyramid Scheme. Just a few common names used to define a home based business opportunity by individuals and skeptics alike.

There happens to be a great misconception surrounding the Network Marketing industry. Primarily due to lack of understanding, or even pure ignorance. However, despite what you may have heard, Network Marketing is in fact, a legitimate home based business model.

The MLM Scam…

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some companies out there passing themselves off as reputable which gives the other solid companies, a bad reputation. The easiest way to recognize a true pyramid scheme is not based on the triangular structure, but if there is an actual product or service being sold.

Women In Business – Michelle Paczesny

Marketing Her Way Women In Business - Michelle PaczesnyName: Michelle Paczesny

Company/Business: Michelle Paczesny – MOMpreneur

Year Started: 2011

Website: www.michellepaczesny.com

I am a: Mom Entrepreneur

Tell us about yourself: I am a mother of 4, with 3 grandchildren, who loves having the freedom to be there for my family. I am passionate about health and wellness. I love to read, and walking.

Tell us about your business: I am in the business of helping others create the life they want and deserve. I love being able to transform their lives and make a difference. I help others that are looking to start an at home business, supplement income, get out of debt, and create freedom. It is a gift to be a Mompreneur, there are so many options!

Work At Home Mom Success In Six Simple Steps

Tamyka Washington - Work At Home Mom of SevenWhat’s the one question a work at home mom wants to know from me?

“How do you manage being a work at home mom with seven kids?”

The answer is really simple…I just do it! Of course, that is not what people really want to hear…they want to know exactly what it is I do.

I have a BIG reason why I do what I do. It is the main reason I made the decision to truly pursue entrepreneurship back in June 2002.

That fact is, I’m a REAL mom and my reason WHY is my 7 children! I can’t see myself being anything other than a full-time mom to them.