5 Ways to Grow Your Team

Grow Your TeamWhen you are just getting started in the home based business industry, there seems to be a lot you must learn. From getting things set up, getting educated on your products, and to learning a new system, it can feel overwhelming before you even begin. The good news is however, you don’t have to learn everything all at once, in order to start building your business.

Even so, for some reason, most individuals believe they must “know-it-all”, prior to even reaching out to their first prospect. Big mistake…

Why that is a mistake is because, you are never going to know everything. Plus, what works for some, does not work for all. The best way to assure success is to just get started. We all learn as we go. When something we try doesn’t work, we fix it or do something else.

Do You Practice Effective Networking?

woman handshakeBuilding a business online or offline requires a decent amount of effective networking…would you agree?

Networking is about connecting with new people and reconnecting with others, on a regular basis. When done right, it is a great way to leverage the connections you make and helps you grow your business.

I’m sure we each have our own ways and methods for meeting new people and eventually sharing our business, but are some ways more effective than others?

My answer is YES…

I have owned a home based business since 2002. I’ve been an internet entrepreneur since 2009. In those years, I have met a lot of amazing people (and a few not so amazing). I have received some of the most heart-tugging emails you could imagine, and some of the craziest too.