Black Friday Deals Especially for Women Entrepreneurs

Black Friday Deals Marketing Her WayAre you a woman entrepreneur or woman in business looking to save on a few Black Friday Deals?

Looking to support a Small Business this Saturday?

Waiting to catch a Cyber Monday sale?

If so, this is the post for you! Check out the deals some of the ladies of the Marketing Her Way community have for you!

Rhonda Nails - Marketing Her Way Black Friday DealsA video business card is a short, simple video introduction of YOUR Business. It includes everything that a regular, paper business card would entail: Business Name, Owner  Photo/Title, Services Provided, Business tagline/Brief description and website/contact info. Why do you need a video business card? Viral beats paper…any day! A video business card can be Shared, Tweeted (and Re-tweeted), Embedded on websites, linked on blogs, included in your email signature…the possibilities are NUMEROUS!!!  Discount: $10 off a premium video business card

Making Money Online – Real Talk

If you’ve ever wondered how to successfully position, promote and package yourself in front of your ideal audience and establish a credible brand, listen to my recent interview with Pam Perry on her Synergy Energy Show.

We discussed:

  • How valuable having a blog is for your business
  • How quality content can impact your brand
  • How to get set up and started blogging the right way
  • How to attract your ideal clients and business partners
  • How you can generate additional streams of income

Listen to the Interview


Tamyka Washington – Assisting Passionate Women Entrepreneurs

Tamyka Washington – Assisting Passionate Women Entrepreneurs


Tamyka Washington | Home Business Mentor