How Well Are You Listening Online?

MegaphoneYou know how it goes…you see this vision and decide to start a blog for your business. You get all excited about selecting the colors you love, designing a flashy background, add your banners and links in the sidebar hoping for clicks and sales and finally, you craft your first few blog posts.

If you are even a little blog savvy, you know how to share your content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and you probably even know how to use some of the cool time-saving social media tools like HootSuite and Buffer to help with automation.

Now, all this is fine and dandy but the question I want to ask you is – How well are you listening?

3 Ways to Kill Your Social Reputation

Online Social Reputation
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If you are running a business online, you know how much social media impacts our lives. Social networks make the divide between our business and personal lives, almost inseparable.  As small business owners, some of us need to realize how to take better charge over our business practices to avoid killing your social reputation.

Over the past few weeks alone, I’ve noticed a few things that have irked my nerves just a little (okay…more than a little, enough to make me want to write this post). These are some of the things I find are happening more and more and can have a negative impact on your professionalism and online social reputation.

3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Social Influence

grow social media influenceThere are many creative ways to grow your social media influence that commands the attention of your audience, starting with you knowing your niche market.

When you are crystal clear on who your target audience is, it becomes much easier to create the kind of compelling content that is attractive to them.

3 Easy Ways to Grow Your Social Influence

Solve a real problem. When you A) know your market and B) have identified their biggest challenges, you can share the steps or process they can use to overcome the problem. As you design your content and take into account the emotional aspect your ideal clients are facing, you will be better able to acknowledge and address the issue while providing resolution.

Content Marketing Part 1: Article and Blog Posts

Last week, I wrote an introductory post on the series I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks, about the power of having an effective content marketing strategy. Part One begins today on the topic of Article and Blog Posts and a few tips on how to get the most out of sharing your content.

Tip # 1 – Know the purpose of your article – Before you even begin to write for the sake of getting a blog post up, you have to have a purpose for writing your article. When you are in the process of deciding on your content, it should be attached to a bigger strategy. Determine ahead of time, what the next step will be for the reader – the call to action.