Day 22 – Mind Your Circle of Influence

31 Days of Dynamic December


“Your circle of influence will either hurt you or help you, choose wisely.”

Your Circle of Influence

If you aren’t feeling very successful in your business or are lacking results, you may want to check your connections. I don’t mean your internet connection, I’m referring to your personal, circle of influence. The people in your circles who have a level of influence over your life.

Believe it or not, the people you interact with the most, impact your thoughts and decisions. Hopefully that is a good thing, but most times it’s not.

Do You Practice Effective Networking?

woman handshakeBuilding a business online or offline requires a decent amount of effective networking…would you agree?

Networking is about connecting with new people and reconnecting with others, on a regular basis. When done right, it is a great way to leverage the connections you make and helps you grow your business.

I’m sure we each have our own ways and methods for meeting new people and eventually sharing our business, but are some ways more effective than others?

My answer is YES…

I have owned a home based business since 2002. I’ve been an internet entrepreneur since 2009. In those years, I have met a lot of amazing people (and a few not so amazing). I have received some of the most heart-tugging emails you could imagine, and some of the craziest too.

Social Media Is a Waste of Time

When I hear things like, “SocialĀ  Media is a waste of time” or “Social Media doesn’t work” coming from the mouths (or emails) of entrepreneurs, it makes me shake my head in wonder. Maybe I’m out of line, but unless you are a hermit, I just can’t wrap my mind around how being social and connecting with people, doesn’t “work” for someone.

Maybe I’m a little biased since I built my entire online business on the principles of social media – connecting and building relationships with people, back in 2009.

The reason why many entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t see the benefit of using social media to build their business is because they have the wrong idea about what they should be doing.